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Why did Jews move to Israel?

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Short answer: because they had been persecuted just about everywhere else they went. Slightly longer answer: because at the end of WW2, they were looking for a place to set up a Jewish State where people who hated them would leave them alone, and at the time, nobody wanted the land that is now Israel, so the Jews moved in. As soon as the Jews moved in, the other residents of the middle east decided that they would destroy every settler of Israel, and haven't given up since. Their problem was, the Jews didn't particularly want to be destroyed, and they have defended themselves, quite admirably I might add.

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Israel is important to Jews because God promised it to Jacob (Genesis ch.28), the father of the Israelites, and his descendants. Jacob was renamed Israel by God (Genesis ch.35); and the Israelites lived in Israel during the era of the Patriarchs (220 years), during the era from Joshua until the First Destruction (850 years), during the Second Temple era (420 years) and afterwards. They remained a majority in the land for another 300 years after the Second Destruction; and a minority of Jews remained there throughout the ensuing centuries.

Link: Jewish history timeline

Israel had been the site of the First Temple, built by King Solomon; the dynasty of King David; the Second Temple, built by Ezra; and the Hasmonean Dynasty. It was where the Hebrew Prophets lived, and where the Mishna (Oral Torah) was codified. Also, many of the Torah's commands apply only in Israel.

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Where did the suviving Jews move after the war?


Why Israel improantd to Jews?

Israel is important to Jews because it is their homeland where Avraham (Abraham) was commanded to move by G-D. It was in those days called "Canaan" and that is also where the 12 Tribes of Israel were, and Israel was commanded to live there by G-D.

What caused the Jews to move to Israel in the 1940s?

The holocaust in Europe, which not only scared all the Jews that survived out of Europe, but also made all Jews realize that their on their own.

Where is the homeland of the Jews besides Israel?

Israel is the only homeland of the Jews.

How are judaism and Israel alike?

Israel is the homeland of the Jews. The word Israel also refers to all the Jews in the world.

Where did the surviving Jews move to after the war?

Th modern state of Israel which at the time was a country called Palestine.

What city in Israel has Jews and Muslims in it?

Every city in Israel has Jews and Muslims in it.

What country are Jews from?

the Jews are from israel. israel has been a Jewish country from the times of the bible.

What percent of all Jews live in Israel?

41% of all Jews live in israel

Why should the Jews claim Israel?

The Jews claimed Israel based on the bible. The state of Israel was given to them in 1948 by the U.N.

What percentage of Jews living in Israel were born there?

Out of approximately 76 percent of the Jews in Israel, roughly 67 were born in Israel.

What percentage of Jews living in Israel are converted Jews?

Good question! In Israel, only Orthodox Jews can perform conversions.

Where do Jews live in Israel?

Jews live across all parts of Israel, although Orthodox Jews and Reformed Jews are often found together.

How many Jews that live in Israel were born in Israel?

A little over 7 million Jews live in Israel and 67% of them were born in Israel

How many more Jews are there in the Diaspora than Israel?

At present, there are 6 million Jews in Israel and 8 million Jews elsewhere.

Are Jews and Israel the same?

There are Jews all over the world. The one who live in Israel are Israeli Jews, like those in the U.S called American Jews.

Why does Israel have the most Jews?

Israel does not have the most Jews, it has a lot of them, though. Israel is a country founded by Jews on the ancient land promised to the Jewish people by God. Israel is the only country on earth with a Jewish majority and the country of Israel provides a safe home for Jews and the promise that the country will protect them from harm.

What is a sentence with the word Israel?

Israel is a country of Jews.

Why do Jews move to Israel?

Israel has been the home of the Jewish people for 3,500 years, and there has been a continual Jewish presence in the land for that long. For many Jewish people, moving to Israel is like coming home.

Where is home for the Jews?

israel is a state designated to jews.

Why do the Jews want Israel?

The Jews wanted Israel so they could escape from the Nazis and pratice their religion.

Where did Jews move to at the end of World War 2?

Th modern state of Israel which at the time was a country called Palestine.

What distinguishes Jews in Israel from Jews of the diaspora?

Here are some differences. Please add to this list:Jews in Israel speak fluent Hebrew. Jews outside of Israel use Hebrew in prayers, but generally do not know how to speak it.Orthodox and Conservative Jews outside Israel observe some holidays for 1 extra day.Secular Jew in Israel observe Jewish holidays and some customs. Many (but not all) secular Jews outside Israel observe nothing.

What is the Jewish home?

The Jewish home is considered to be Israel. All Jews are welcome there, and some Jews think that all Jews should live in Israel.

Was the nation of Israel Jews?

Yes, during the centuries of the Judges and Kings. During Second Temple times there were Jews and non-Jews in Israel (Judea).