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Why did Nazi doctors experiment on Jews?

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people experiment on guinea pigs because, although they have many features in common with human beings (notably the inability to synthesize Vitamin C), they are not in fact human. The Nazi attitude toward Jews was nauseatingly similar.

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How did Hertha Nathorff react to the Nazi boycott of Jewish Doctors?

he used the jews for experiments for the soldiers

Was there any peace between the Jews and Nazi after the Holocaust?

no the nazi not happey whif the jews so the nazi kill more the hafe of the jews populashun p.s i now cuss i am a nazi

What were Jews called in nazi Germany?


Who decided to gas the Jews in Nazi Germany?

Hitler decided to gas the Jews in nazi Germany

What were the Nazi yellow stars?

Jews were made to wear the yellow stars to identify them as Jews in Nazi Germany.

How did Hitler do experiments on the Jews?

Hitler had his high ranking doctors experiment on Jews and handicapped throughout the reign of the Third Reich. His doctors practiced in conjoining and seperating twins surgically, injecting patients with various chemicals, and trying to alter such things as eye color.

Who was the German Doctor Who experimented on Jews?

Dr. Josef Mengele, the Angel of Death, is the best known of the nazi doctors who did human experiments in the death camps.

What was hitler nazi or jewish?

Hitler was a Nazi. He killed Jews.

Why did the Nazi carve numbers in the Jews arm?

The Nazi carved numbers into the Jews arms because they wanted to keep track of all the Jews that were in the camps

How did the US government respond to Nazi persecution of the Jews?

The Nazi were attacking American Jews so America fought back due to the killing of the Jews.

Why were Jews tested on?

Please be more specific in your questions.Testing By GodTradition teaches that God tests people in order to provide an opportunity for them to use their free-will properly, to increase their merit, and to bring their righteousness from potential into actuality.Testing By Nazi "Doctors"If you are referring to the inhumane tests performed by Mengele and other Nazi "Doctors" on Jews, the tests were performed for the same reasons that doctors today test on rats and mice. These doctors had "specimens" for their further research and did not consider Jewish lives to be worth much.

Sterilising the Jews in Nazi Germany?

The Jews were murdered, not sterlized.

What horrible medical experiment made by nazi doctors?

Gas chambers, Testing drugs, Freezing them, Inject chemicals into eyes to change eye colour and varies brutal surgeries

Victims of the Nazi party?


Who did the Nazi not like?

Jews and gypsies.

Who did the Nazi party recruit?


Were the Jews persecuted in Nazi Germany for their religion?

The Nazi persecution of the Jews had almost nothing to do with religion. It was about 'race' and 'the Jewish spirit' (whatever that is).

Why did the nazi target the Jews that owned businesses?

They targeted all Jews.

How did the nazi doctors believe they were helping the nazi future?

They thought they were helping the purity of Aryans

What were the intentions of the Nazi leaders in the Holocaust?

to eliminate Jews from the Nazi-controlled territory

Jews during the Holocaust?

Jews during the Holocaust in Nazi-occupied europe were putted into Concentration Camps. Jews who wern't in the Nazi Zones were lucky to survive and not to be involved with the Holocaust.

Why did the Jews have numbers on their arms?

Jews had numbers on there arm because the nazi can remember all the Jews and who there were

What were the Nazi beliefs about the Jews?

They preached that the Jews are subhuman, worse than animals.

How did Hitler and the Nazi identify the Jews?

They told the Jews to wear a Star of David.

Did the Japanese kill the Jews?

No, the Japanese were very puzzled by Nazi attitudes to the Jews.

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