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Why did World War I happen?


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June 24, 2014 1:32AM

WW1 happened because countries couldn't agree. In fact it started because a

Austrian-hungry air to the throne was shot dead and that's when everything

started but there was blimps before but this was the fuse.
There are four main reasons.

1) The arms race. Britain and Germany dramatically increased their navy. Does a nation that wants peace do that?

2) Military mobilization. The armies of those particular nations were mobilized. What does that mean? It means those armies were capable of going almost anywhere, at very little notice.

3) Militarism and Autocrasy.

4) The Balance of Power.

5) Most people will tell you that the assassination of ArchDuke Ferinand started the war. To a certain extent they are correct. But does a spark light a fire unless there are logs and/or tinder there to receive that spark? Nope. The assassination was that spark. It landed on a big pile of dried grass, and BOOM less than a month later, total war.