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Q: Why did congress still refuse to readmit southern states into the union in 1865?
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What were president Lincoln's reconstruction plans committed to?

Readmit the Southern states into the Union ASAP!

Why did Lincoln refuse to accept the separation of the southern states?

Because Congress did not want to lose the cotton revenues.

How did congress feel about southern states in 1865?

they felt worrid about the southern states

Did the reconstruction act of 1867 readmit all southern states in 1870?

With exception of Tennessee, which was readmitted in 1866, the ten former Confederate States were readmitted between 1868 and 1870.

Why did Southern states refuse to put Lincoln on the 1860 ballot?

Lincoln's election would spell an end to slavery, so the southern states refused to add him.

Why did the southern states fear if the northern states dominated congress?

That they would be taken advantage of

Why didn't southern states want congress to regulate trade?

The southern states agreed that congress could regulate trade between other nations and between the states. In return, the Northern states agreed that Congress could not tax exports and would not interfere with the slave trade before 1808.

Why did Congress still refuse to readmit southern states into the Union in 1865 when Vice President Andrew Johnson became president?

('Because they could' doesn't service). The same day President Johnson issued a pardon, he issued another proclamation for North Carolina. (Became a model of how he wanted to restore South back into the Union). Under it, each former confederate state had to call a convention to revoke its ordinance of secession, ratify 13th amendment, and reject all Civil War debts. Most met these conditions. However, many members of congress were angered when they realized that Southern voters elected former Confederate officers and political leaders. Many found it bad and unacceptable so they decided to reject the new Southern members of congress.

What was the main purpose of the compromise?

to increase the power of the southern states in congress.

What is a 5th grade sentence with congress in it?

During the Civil War, Congress wanted strict punishments for the Southern states.

What did the southern states do when congress tried to find a compromise to save the union?

Seceded it.

How did congress make southern states follow the laws of reconstruction?

such monkey balls......