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Hitler did not only kill Jews but his own people so as to show powerful he is. He used different forms of Propaganda so as to cause deaths of innocent people with the majority being Jews.

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Why did hitler only kill jews?

that is not true he killed black people, people with disability's gay peope and people who didn't like Hitler as well as the Jews.

What three races did Hitler kill?

I only know that Hitler Jews.

What drove hitler to kill Jews?

He not only killed Jews, but gypsies, homosexuals and mentally retarded people.

Did adolf Hitler kill people besides Jews?

Yes. Many people. Any people who displeased him. Then at the consentration camps there weren't only Jews, and at consentration camps they gassed people.

Did hitler just kill jewish people?

No. Either way you read the question, the answer is no. Hitler did more than simply kill Jews, he also deprived them of their rights, quarantined them, starved them, tortured them, and authorized immoral medical procedures be done to them. On the other side, Hitler did not only kill 6 million Jews, he also killed 5 million Non-Jews.

Who helped Hitler kill Jewish people?

The Nazis were the only ones who committed genocide on the jews during that time period

Why the Adolph Hitler kill Jews?

no one can really answer that question besides hitler... and he is dead. We can only assume it was because he hated them

A list of bad things Adolf Hitler did?

He killed a lot of Jews from newborns to old people The only good thing he did was kill himself

What are 3 things Hitler did as a dictator?

kill jews Only wanted pepople with blond hair

Why did Adolf hitler kill the european jews?

Concerning European Jews: Hitler did not just kill European Jews. During the Occupation of Tunisia, he also began killing Tunisian Jews. He would have tried to kill Moroccan Jews as well, but King Mohammed V resisted. However, he was only able to kill those Jews who lived in countries that Nazi Germany was able to conquer, which were mostly in Europe.Concerning Jew-Killing: As for why Hitler killed Jews at all, please see the Related Question below.

What terrible thing did Antiochus do against the Jews?

the only reason why hitler has against jews because his uncle kill his dad and his uncle was a jew. adolf hitler was also afraid of sex

What did Hitler and the Nazi Party aim to do with the Jews?

There (Hitler's) only desire was to kill all of them. They viewed them as impurities.

Why did only Hitler kill 'n' hate the jews?

so his country could be free!

What are Adolf Hitlers traits?

Hitler' traits were killing Jews for fun and he was evil and had no right to kill Jews because they were innocent i mean what did the Jews ever do to Hitler to deserve such treatment? He was also only 5'8 but was a strong guy.

Why did hitler persecute the jewish population?

hitler believed that the world should be only german, and people that have blonde hair and blue eyes even when he had brown hair. and he didn't only kill the jews, he killed other religions as well.

Did Hitler only take or kill the Jews?

No, he killed Gypsies, homosexuals and many other types of what was termed " undesirables. "

Did Hitler only kill the European Jews?

Most of the others were beyond his reach, though Vichy France did hand over some Jews from North Africa.

Why were the Jews singled out?

if your talking about ww2 then ask Hitler. the Jews have always been scapegoats for the worlds problems. he obviously had some beef with the Jews that only he could understand. Me being only 13 and having to deal with people treating to kill you is sorta sad. Yes. And Hitler built on some 1500 years of hatred and anti-semitism propagated by the Christian church.

Which people want to kill Jews?

Only the worst anti-Semites.

How many Jews did Hitler take from Denmark?

The Nazis were only able to kill 52 out of 8000 Denmark Jews. This was because the Denmark government sent them to Neutral Sweden.

How did hitler kill 35 million people?

The 35 million number comes not only from the 11 million killed in the Holocaust (6 million Jews and 5 million non-Jews), but from civilians and soldiers who died on account of the European front of World War II, which Hitler is responsible for starting.

How many people did Germany kill during World War 2?

I am not entirely sure, but after a long while of research, not just on the internet, I think that personally, he only killed 16 people. It was his army and the Nazis that did all the killing. In total about11 million people. 6 Million of which were Jews.11 Million (Including other people Hitler hated).But,Jews were the most involved.People do not know exactly why Hitler hated Jews.-Mr.Sir

Why does Hitler like Jews so much?

Hitler was one of the most rabid Anti-Semites in the history of the World. He did not only not like Jews, he not only hated Jews, he virulently despised and repudiated Jews.

Why did Hitler kill 46 million Jews?

Hitler killed 6 million Jews, not 46 million. There were only 15-16 million Jews in the world in 1939, so killing 46 million would actually be impossible. However, Hitler's reasons for killing the Jews are outlined in the Related Question below.

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