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Japan attacked several areas at one time. British Singapore, French Indo-China, Dutch East Indies, the US Military installations in the Philippines, as well as Pearl Harbor.

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Q: Why did japan move into Singapore during the Pearl Harbor?
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What countries did japan invade before attacking pearl harbor?

China, Singapore and Burma

What did Japan do to pearl harbor?

japan bombed pearl harbor

Who led japan during the battle at pearl harbor?


How far is Japan from Pearl Harbor?

it is 18 hour to get to japan to pearl harbor

What other places did Japan attack on the same day as Pearl Harbor?

wake island/phillipines/singapore

What country attacked Pearl Harbor during world war ll?

The attack on Pearl Harbor, in 1941, was carried out by Japan.

Where did japan attack after pearl harbor?

pearl harbor

Was Pearl Harbor in japan?

Pearl Harbor is in Hawaii.

Who was the axis of Pearl Harbor?

The Axis power which attacked Pearl Harbor was Japan.

Emperor of Japan during Pearl Harbor bombing?

Emperor Hirohito.

When was the torpedo invented?

During WW2 when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor.

What country attacked the us during the attack on pearl harbor?


Who was japan general during the pearl harbor attack?

Joseph kayser

Who Bought Pearl Harbor?

does japan own pearl harbor

Who was president of japan during Pearl Harbor attack?

Japan doesn't have presidents--it has emperors. The emperor of Japan during the attack on Pearl Harbor was its 124th, named Hirohito Showa. He leaded the Showa era and reigned from 1926-1989

Where did japan attack first during World War 2?

pearl harbor, singapore,china and many other islands And the Philippines and they had been fighting China for like 2 years before the war started but pearl harbor is probably what you're looking for.

When Japan bomb Pearl Harbor?

Japan bombed pearl harbor on December 7, 1941

When did Japan bomb on Pearl Harbor?

Japan bombed Pearl Harbor on December 7 1941.

Japan bombs Pearl Harbor?

Japan bombed Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

How long did Japan bomb Pearl Harbor?

Japan bombed pearl harbor for 2 hours

Why did hiroshima bomg Pearl Harbor?

No Japan bombed pearl harbor.

Why did japan drop bomb on pearl harbor?

Japan dropped a bomb on pearl harbor because they wanted to.

What happened in 1941 in Hawaii?

During WWII, japan bombed pearl harbor

Who is the country that attacked pearl harbor during world war 2?


Who was the Japanese emperor during the Pearl Harbor attack?

Hirohito was emperor of Japan during WWII.