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Why did not slaves fight back?


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January 04, 2014 12:48AM

there are plenty examples of black slaves fighting back. however there was never a unified fight because blacks were separated. they did not house to many strong males on the same plantations. even on a single plantation there might have been several more blacks than whites but the whites had all the guns, and even if the blacks could get guns it would not be enough to supply any large force. the USA. had a military and communities that worked together to suppress fighting back. the slave were not dumb, they simply did not have the means to win a fight and no understanding of the geographical landscape of the place they lived. most slaves never left the plantation unless they were sold to another plantation.

also a lot of the original slaves on the first ships had been slaves or servants in Africa. the brutality of the American slave system is why it was an untenable situation for the black slaves.

in Africa a slave had there own homes and were well provided for. the African slave system was closer to the American workforce than to the system of slavery that preceded it.