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Why did people come to colonial New York?

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they wanted to pwn indians

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How was colonial new york founded?

The first people to come to Colonial New York were the Quakers. The Quakers stopped in New York before moving on to Pennsylvania.

What did the people of colonial new york drink?

The people of colonial New York drink mostly tea and water.

What were celebrations and fun things to do in colonial New York?

A celebration in colonial New York was New Years Eve. A fun thing that people did in colonial New York was go to the theater.

What famous people lived in colonial New York?

some famous people who lived in colonial new york were henry sloughter first governer of new york colony,

Where did the settlers in colonial New York york come from?

ether England or erope

What was the way of life of the people in colonial New York?

same as it was for all colonial people

What foods did people eat in colonial New York.?

== == The first McDonald's was openned in New York in 1645.

How does art express people in Colonial New York?


Other famous people in Colonial New York?

yes no

What were some contributions of Colonial New York?

What were some contributions of Colonial New York

What were taxes like in colonial New York?

Everyone was taxed in colonial new york. :)

How did colonial new york get its name?

Colonial New York was named after the King of England's brother, the Duke of York.

How many people lived in colonial new york?

state or city?

How did people live in colonial new york?

they masturbated and slept a lot

What attracted people to colonial new york?

To find their love and their brands!

What did the people of colonial New York where?

Its WAIR by the way. And they always had clothes on.

How do people in colonial New York socialize?

dont know bye

Does New York have a flag?

Colonial New York does.

What was the education like in colonial New York?

education in colonial new york wasn't that important

How important was religion in colonial New York?

RELIGION WAS VERY IMPORTANT in colonial New York!!!!!!!

What was the polulation in colonial times in New York?

The population in New York in colonial times was diverse.

Government of colonial New York?

The government of colonial New York resided in a governor and an elected assembly.

Geographic characteristics of colonial New York?

the geographic characteristics of the colonial of New York is that you LOOK IT UP

What is the colonial capital of New York?

New York city :)

What was New York called in Colonial times?

In the Colonial times, New York was called New York. The piece of land New York was on was given to the Duke of York as payment for a debt. Naturally, the Duke named it New York.

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