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People flocked to California because they were seeking gold and riches, and gold had been discovered there.

The Mormons changed the landscape of the west by moving there and establishing cities and towns in areas that were previously uninhabited.


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it improved California by improving the numbers of people and allowing people to find out a lot about California.

According to and as of 2007, there were approximately 750,000 Mormons (also known as Latter-Day Saints) living in California. According to a 2006 California Census, there were 36,457,549 people living in California total (Mormon and non-Mormon). Some reports and estimates say that there are currently just over 38,000,000 people living in California. According to these numbers Mormons make up approximately 1.97% of California (give or take .05%) According to the California Department of Finance the 2008 population of CA is 38 million, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints make up 2% of the population so around 760,000.

Mormons eat food just like other people.

It changed maps. it changed people. It changed the political landscape of the world.

Yes the magma melts stuff landscaping people and houses

Uhm...dude, where did you ever get that idea?!?! The Mormons would never kill...people shouldn't spread crap like that :( Everybody was against Mormons

Many people remember Mormons for the pioneer trek in the mid-1800's. This has caused some misconceptions of people thinking that Mormons are similar to the Amish, but modern Mormons do not dress like pioneers or travel in horse-drawn wagons.

Humans modify and change their environment in many ways. Many people change the landscape of their land by planting trees, shrubs, and other plants. People use also appliances to change the air temperature in their homes.

more people came to california hoping to strike it rich

Radical Mormons are people who are Mormons or share similar beliefs with Mormons, but don't fit in with the mainstream Mormon culture. They are either more liberal or more conservative than most Mormons.

The biggest concern about the Mormons for the people of Illinois was their belief in gathering. The Mormons all wanted to live in the same area and establish laws based on the laws in the Bible. The other citizens in Illionois felt threatened that they might become outnumbered by Mormons, and that the Mormons might be able to influence local politics.

The Paiutes were mostly Coastal, and didn't have a lot of interaction with the Mormons. The Oregon Trail pioneers and the California gold rush travellers were influential in their impact on the Paiutes. Their greatest impact seems to have been the introduction of disease, which decimated the tribes.

More people came to California from different places changing there population and more people settled there to get the gold

If they don't like Mormons, you would probably call them "bigots". If they don't like the teachings of the Mormon religion, you would call them 'Anti-Mormons'.

The main reason it was hard for the Mormons to find a place to settle was because of the many persecutions. These persecutions cause the Mormons to be driven out of the land where they had settled. The people persecuting them did not care that it was the property of the Mormon Settlers. They just wanted them out. Another reason was that there were some higher authority people who authorized the people to drive them out, or to kill the Mormons. Those are some reasons why it was so hard for Mormons to find a place to settle.

The Jewish people used to be called Israel, until the political state was established. You can call them the chosen people, or simply 'Jews', in the same way that you would call Mormons 'Mormons'.

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) who were persecuted historically were simply following and practicing their religion. People thought they Mormons strange and didn't want Mormon neighbors, so they'd run them out of town. Mormons only brought it on themselves by being unwilling to compromise their beliefs and principles. They weren't willing to change just to satisfy other people.

The Mormons went west because people in New York and Illinois did not like them and did not let them practice plural marriages. There were some serious problems of violence against Mormons.

Mormons have standards called The Word of Wisdom. Mormons aren't generally prettier than other people. It's just that they don't drink, smoke, or the like. Drinking and smoking are bad for your health and they disfigure the body.

Most people do not hate Mormons, the Osmonds are very popular Mormons singing family. The State of Utah hosted the Winter Olympics a few years ago. Some people do dislike the idea of a man having more than one wife at a time (or the idea of a woman having more than one husband at a time), and some Mormons men have more than one wife. On the whole Mormons who have one spouse at a time are very popular.

The website isn't mean to Mormons A lot of people are just curious Don't worry we aren't mad. we are glad, glad people are so curious.

Mormons faced horrible things. We were chased from home to home. Plenty of people were murdered by mobs and the government did not protect our rights.

Because now people can get from canada to the united states

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