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People flocked to California because they were seeking gold and riches, and gold had been discovered there.

The Mormons changed the landscape of the west by moving there and establishing cities and towns in areas that were previously uninhabited.

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Q: Why did people flock to California and how did the Mormons change the landscape of the West?
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What is the population of Mormons in California?

According to and as of 2007, there were approximately 750,000 Mormons (also known as Latter-Day Saints) living in California. According to a 2006 California Census, there were 36,457,549 people living in California total (Mormon and non-Mormon). Some reports and estimates say that there are currently just over 38,000,000 people living in California. According to these numbers Mormons make up approximately 1.97% of California (give or take .05%) According to the California Department of Finance the 2008 population of CA is 38 million, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints make up 2% of the population so around 760,000.

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