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Why did so many Americans fear the spread of communism?

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2014-07-15 20:37:45

The Americans hate communism, as capitalism is the direct

opposite of communism, and America is based on "the American dream"

which is basically the forwarded of ones own life and career though

industry, and consumerism. it is a country based on looking after

the individual, rather than the community as a whole.

This being said communism is not without its faults, as while

communism is based on a good solid foundation of everyone being

equal, it is open to abuse as is the nature of humans. so communism

would in a perfect world would be a perfect solution. however this

is not a perfect world.

Americans greatest fear is to be equal, as it does not fit in

with the American psyche of having the biggest and best of

everything. And also have a fear of anything which is not "the

norm," which I can see from a British point of view.

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