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Theater as we know it is descended from Greek and Roman expressions of a religious nature. The three plays found in a tragedy series, show the effects of pride and the resultant downfall, aided by the gods, of the prideful. The fourth play, called the Satyr play was of a farcical nature and made fun of the other three thus providing comic relief much like dessert after a heavy dinner. With the growth of the present day religious system Greek and Roman religion was considered Pagan and mythological and greatly to be suppressed. As a consequence people that were involved in theater were considered �low� by people who considered themselves high society. The people that enjoyed plays, it being a relief from their day to day toils imposed on them by the same high society probably being uneducated did not get to pass on their views.

artist are emotional people,highly emotional, if you dont grow up in and artists family you cant really see the perspective . case in point dennis prager is a great example! he was born. i frankly find that hard to believe. in this century hes more like" the wiz"

anyway his dad made sure he was taught by Rabbis. he had to convey the importance of this God, he new and his legacy. he took control of his sons spiritual welfare . i think if his mom was in charge dennis would have been a little whimp. sorry women are raising wimps and girls that cant spell! sorry iwould like to end by saying people put all their time and energy trying to get what the finest man or nastiest girl using each other in a marriage that was doomed from the start . they dont know simply because they were not taught .the arts disipline, study the artist gift. some have talent some have gifts. and sometimes he reaveals someone like Whitney Houston brian stokes mitchell criminal mind show cast and crew and many others i believe we are instuments that are completely of control in our minds and actions and somethings got to be done. Hollywood is completely out of control!!

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Q: Why did some people disapprove of theatre?
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