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The Articles of Confederation needed a congress to appoint and enforce the laws. They needed that because the Articles did not have enough power to appoint or enforce the laws.


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they set up a congress, which had very limited powers.

The Articles of Confederation gave power to the States even though Congress was still the main power.

Only one branch was set up under the Articles -- the Legislative branch.

who cam up with the articles of confederation

it only set up one--> the legislative branch

The structure of government established by the Articles of Confederation created a framework for a loose confederation of states. It was ratified on March 1, 1781.

Under the Articles of Confederation, there was no Congress. However, the national government was set up under the articles to be very weak. Therefore, the writers of the Articles gave the power to tax and regulate those taxes to each individual state. This was done to prevent the national government from becoming too strong, like the English Monarchy that the colonists had just escaped out from under.

That document was called the Articles of Confederation.

They weren’t. The articles didn’t have a branch of government. That is set up in the constitution.

In order: 1775 - set up the Continental Army 1776 - issued a Declaration of Independence 1781 - wrote the instrument of government with the Articles of Confederation

It set up a weak democracy. Under the Articles of Confederation, the national government was weak and had little power. There was a legislature, but no executive or judicial branch.

The Articles of Confederation were passed by the US Continental Congress on November 15, 1777 and sent onto the 13 states for ratification. The last state, Maryland, ratified the constitution in February 1781. The US Continental Congress set the constitution into effect on March 1, 1781.

The Articles of Confederation was the first constitution and to have new central government. States did not give up much of their power. They only had 1 vote in Congress. However, there was only one branch of the central government and that was Congress. The states still conducted the state government for their state.

Under the Articles of Confederation, each state sent delegates to Congress, which had only one house instead of the House of Representatives and Senate that the modern American government has. There was no national head of state, and each state was governed individually. Congress had limited power and it did not have the power to tax, as that power and many others remained with individual states.

There were many reasons why the constitution replaced the articles of confederation. Did you hear about Shay's Rebellion? It showed that the nation needed a Commander and Chief of the armed forces on duty at all times. Under the Articles of Confederation, only congress could call up the army. Congress was not in session. States were arguing with each other and going to war with each other. Taxes existed when goods crossed state borders. Congress could not pass laws unless all states agreed. In reality, the government produced by the articles of confederation ceased to exist. (The European Union is a confederation.)

It set up a stable government with some stability and organization, it set up a system of agencies to deal with foreign affairs, and it gave the government the ability to coin money.

the states did not want to give up their independence to a strong central government.As a result the articles set up a very weak central government. go si

Basically, the Articles of Confederation was a total screw up... does that answer your questions?

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