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Their earliest interest was to find out if the Hudson River (which was un-named at the time) would lead them to the Northwest Passage and India.

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Q: Why did the European explorers come to New York?
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Which European explorers visited New York and where did they come from?

Viking Leif Ericson was the first European explorer who visited New York in 1000 A.D. Other famous European explorers to New York include John Cabot of Italy, Jacques Cartier of France, and Henry Hudson of England.

Why did early European explorers come to what is now New York?

so they wont be poor anymore like before in their country

Where did New Mexico's European explorers come from?


Who were European explorers?

european explorers, the european explorers were explorers from europe which comes in the word euopean, explores were people who explored and sailed on ships to find either new land or a way to trade

European explorers introduced what to the new world?

European explorers introduced livestock, grain, grapes, sugar cane, onions, turnips, coffee beans and many plants and animals found in Europe, parts of Africa and parts of Asia.

Why were European exploring New York?

to find out about new York

Which European nation sent the most explorers to the New World?

the European nation sent English settlement.

Where is the Explorers Club in New York located?

The Explorers Club in New York is located at 46 E 70th Street, New York, NY 10021. This club is open every Monday to Saturday from 9:00am up to 9:00pm.

What ocean did the European explorers cross on the way to the new world?

The Atlantic.

Why did the first European explorers came to the new world?

to spread the Christianity

What was the European explorers impact on the New World?

nobody knew what was here

What was the first European country to send explorers to the new world?


Why did european explorers come to North America?

so easy! to find new land and to find a way to India for better trade.

Why did European explorers travel to New York?

The English & dutch people went to new york because they wanted to separate themselves from their country for various reasons. the Spanish people went to find more land to try to conquer the world

How did explorers enter New York?

Via the Hudson River.

Where did the European starling come from?

The European Starling came from somewhere in Europe. They were released in New York so we could have all the birds Shakespeare mentioned in his literature.

City of the mohawk?

There was no City of the Mohawk, just a collection of villages along the current day Mohawk River in central New York State at the time of contact of European explorers.

What were some of the reasons the European explorers had such a disregard for the native American population of the new world?

European explorers desired to acquire land to grow crops for a cash market but the Native Americans were not willing

Which explorers from New York were searching for a shortcut to Asia?


Dutch explorers settled primarily in the area known as?

it was New York.

How did New York's explorers surive?

By bartering with the Native Americans for food.

Who were the early explorers in New York?

cristupher coulombus

What geographic features in new york are named after explorers?

Hudson river

What was the effect of christopher columbus discovery of the west indies in 1492?

Other European countries sent explorers to claim land in the New World.

Why did European settlers come to new France?

European settlers come to New France because of beaver populations.