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Federalism is known as State's Rights. It embodies the concept put in the Constitution by the founding fathers that each state was to be a strong and definite political body in and of itself. The states were to retain most authority to govern their own affairs without interference from the federal government. While we think of our modern America as a democracy, that was not the original intent of the founders. Their concept was for the states to be a group united together under the idea of a free republic. After the Constitutional Convention, when Benjamin Franklin was asked by a citizen what they had been given, he replied, "A republic, if you can keep it". A republic would have less of a central government with more power residing in the individual states.

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What was the founding fathers main goal of the constitution?

The main purpose of the Constitution was to have some foundation for a central government, instead of the Articles of Confederation, which were rules for a coalition of separate states.

What is the difference between 'Founding Fathers' and 'founding fathers'?

Some might consider the capitalization just more formal or forceful. Others would say that capitalizing the term means that you are referring to a specific group of people, i.e. the American Founding Fathers, instead of a generic group of founding fathers who could have founded anything.

What would the founding fathers say about the move towards a direct democracy?

You can't, and nobody should try, to presume what the founding fathers would've thought. Instead just understand that they would agree with your right to defend yourself and to have a say in your country.

Why did founding fathers want to change the articles of confederation?

The Founding Fathers felt the need to change the Articles of Confederation because of the desire for a stronger Government. A conflict called Shay's Rebellion created a fear of violence, and many saw stronger government as a solution. The issue of states' freedom was also a contributing factor, and how each state could be represented in the government. The initial meeting of the now-named "Constitutional Convention" was intended just to revise the Articles, but instead they ended up writing a whole new document.

Which presidents were not Christians?

The Founding Fathers may have been dipicted as Christians, but in actuality were more Deists or Idealists instead. If you notice, they were also the ones who started the Free Masons.

What did the founding fathers mean by to form a more perfect union?

Where the 13 colonies were united as one nation instead of thirteen divided entities. It was a "united we stand, divided we fall" mentality.

Who held the power in Articles of Confederation?

Essentially, the state governments held most of the power under the Articles of Confederation. The founding fathers wanted to keep as far away from a monarchy like Britain's, which gave nearly all power to the central government, as possible. As a result of the terms of the Articles of Confederation, though, each state functioned almost like its own individual country instead of a component of the United States, the central government couldn't do anything about it, and the entire country faced economic issues because the central government couldn't tax its people.

What issues were at stake in accepting or rejecting Hamilton's financial plan?

The founding fathers were not sure that Hamilton's gamble would work. Instead, they thought that the new nation would be more in debt that it originally expected.

he purpose of the constitutional convention was to fix problems in the articles of confederation. what did delegates do instead?

wrote a new constitution

How did Confederation effect Canada's Identity?

Confederation created Canada as a country instead of a British colony. Confederation meant Canada would have its own government to look after its affairs.

What are the problem of Nigeria federalism?

One of the problem facing the Nigerian Federalism is the complexity of the interest and units as represented by the local government, ethnic group affiliations, and some states. Instead of uniting the country, Nigeria federalism has divided the nation through tribal appointments and corruption.

The purpose of the Constitutional Convention was to fix problems in the Articles of Confederation What did the delegates do instead apex?

Instead of fixing the problems with the Articles of Confederation, the delegates drafted a new plan. The new plan was a compromise they thought most people would agree to. The US Constitution replaced the Articles of Confederation.

Why did the delegates draft a new plan instead of revising the Articles of Confederation?


Why do half the people say your forefathers instead of fathers In the GETTYSBURG address?

Probably because Lincoln was using "fathers" to mean forefathers. In a literal interpretation, fathers are our male parents, one generation back.

What was the main reason the Articles of Confederation failed?

The Articles of Confederation created a loose confederation of 13 independent states with a weak central government instead of creating one united nation with a strong central government like the constitution.

What founding father lobbied to make the turkey the us national symbol instead of the eagle?

Ben Franklin

Why do male alphas father the puppies instead of the girl?

Because "girls/females" can not be "fathers/males".

What were the reasons for the founding of New York?

henrey Hudson was looking for the north west passage but instead he found the Hudson river which led up to the founding of New York. Also for money and the resources there.

What was The purpose of the Constitutional Convention was to fix problems in the Articles of Confederation What did the delegates do instead?

wrote a new consition

Which founding father proposed the turkey as the official bird of the United States instead of the bald eagle?

Benjamin Franklin.

What problems did john Adams face as president?

he had problem with Thomas Jefferson (3rd President; anti-federalism). Jefferson impeded Adams instead of helping him.

What did the delagates to the Constitutional convention exempt to accomplish?

They expected to change the articles of confederation instead they changed the whole constitution.

The purpose of the constitutional convention was to fix problems in the articles of confederation. What did the delegates do instead?

Wrote a new constitution

What happened to the Constitutional Convention?

- The Constitution was written- The founding fathers wrote the ConstitutionThe Constitutional Convention was held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania , from May to September 1787.Fyfty-five delegates from 12 of the original 13 states ( except for Rhode Island ) met to write amendments to the Articles of Confederation. The delegates met because many American leaders did not like the Articles. The national government under the Articles of Confederation was not strong enough. Instead of changing the articles of Confederation, the delegates decided to create a new governing document with a stronger national government---the Constitution. Each states sent delegates, who worked for four months in secret to allow for free and open discussion as they wrote the new document. The delegates who attended the Constitutional Convention are called " the Framers." On September 17 , 1787 , 39 of the delegates signed the new Constitution.

What did the leaders decide to do instead of revising the Articles of Confederation?

The convention that came to be known as the Constitutional Convention or the Federal Convention, meeting in Philadelphia, was instructed by the government under the Articles to revise the existing frame of government. Instead, the delegates decided to throw out the Articles of Confederation and write a new constitution for the nation.