Why did the Kobe earthquake happen?


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The earthquake of Kobe occurred at 5.46 am, on Tuesday January 17th, 1995. the earthquake was caused by a destructive plate boundary; the much denser oceanic Philippine plate was forced underneath the less dense continental Eurasian plate causing a build up of a high amount of pressure in the earth's crust. Once that pressure is released then earthquakes occur like the one in Kobe.
The earthquake was caused by two of three tectonic plates colliding due to stress in the crust. The country wasn't prepared so this led to even more drastic damage to the large port and town of Kobe. 5000 people were killed in a 20 second earthquake this shows that all contras need to prepare for the worst if thy are at least a 45% chance of having an earthquake.The names of these plates are The Eurasian Plate, the Philippines Plate, and the pacific plate. The earthquake was caused by the pacificplate slipping under the philippines plate, however when the friction becomes to great, the pressure continues to build and one big push hgappens to overcome the friction this jolt is wwhat the earthquake is.

As you know that earthquakes are natural hazards, which occur on plate margins. Earthquakes are the result of plate movements. The strain builds up along the fault line between two plates until they move causing earthquakes. Japan is at a high risk to earthquakes. Unfortunately it lies above a destructive plate margin. Kobe is located above where the Philippines crust (oceanic crust) and the Eurasian crust (continental crust) meet. It was along this fault that the caused the earthquake that hit Kobe.

  1. The Philippine plate went beneath the Eurasian plate (due to it's higher density) at a destructive plate boundry
  2. This caused serious tension to build up
  3. When the pressure was released the earthquake occured.

The focus of the earthquake was within 20 km of Down town Kobe

The epicenter of the earthquake was on Awaji Island, around 20 kilometers south of Kobe.


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in Kobe witch is in Japann derrr

It was named The Great Hanshin earthquake or Kobe earthquake.

The Kobe earthquake occurred in Japan in the year 1995.

The Earthquake of Kobe occurred in Japan in 1995.

The quake occurred at 5:46 A.M. JST.

The Great Hanshin Earthquake happened on January 17, 1995. It is also known as the Kobe Earthquake and nearly 6,500 people died.

It was the Eurasian and the Philippine plates that moved and caused the earthquake in Kobe.

The cost of the repairs for Kobe after the earthquake was at least 160 billion yen.

The earthquake that hit Kobe, Japan on 1995/01/16 was magnitude 6.9.

The Richter scale pf the Kobe earthquake is 7.2, and it corresponds to 11 on the Mercalli scale, as it measures the destruction of the earthquake.

it happend in Kobe which is an MEDC country and it also happend in Gujarat which is and LEDC country

Earthquake in Kobe Japan (MEDC) 1995.

the Kobe region of south-central japan

People live in Kobe after the earthquake because they believe that the impacts of future earthquakes will be reduced. They think this because they have been introduced to the 'Earthquake Emergency Plan'.

Yes it was very near the epicentre of the earthquake

The epicenter of the Kobe earthquake was 34.6 N 135.0 E, Awajishima Island, 20 miles south of Kobe. Kobe is Japan's 6th largest city with the world's 6th largest port. This earthquake occured on January 17th, 1995 at 5:46 am local time.

Kobe, Japan Tuesday January 17th 1995 at 5:46 am

it is believed that around 25,000 were injured in the Kobe earthquake. 6434 died. 300,000 were keft homeless.

The 1995 Kobe, Japan earthquake killed around 6000 people, while the Northridge, California earthquake only resulted in around 60 fatalities.

The Kobe earthquake occurred on Jan 17th 1995 at 5.46 am. It mesured about 7.2 on the Richter scale.· The earthquake took place in Kobe, 1995· On the moment magnitude scale the kobe earthquake is 6.8,· and mij 7.3 on the revised 7.2 on the old JMA magnitude with tremors that just lasted 20 seconds.· Hundreds of people are feared dead and thousands injured after a powerful earthquake struck Japan at dawn

The fault that caused the 1995 Kobe earthquake was the Nojima fault.

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