Why did the Nationalists oppose the Articles of Confederation?

The nationalists opposed the Articles of Confederation because it gave too much power to ordinary people who were usually less educated. History had shown that people weren't naturally wise enough to handle so much power over their own affairs. Attempts to create a republic government in places in Europe had ended in chaos. This also happened to the Roman republic over 1800 years ago. They couldn't let the US fall into political chaos because it was a model for the rest of the world. The nationalists were also more concerned with keeping order than increasing freedom. There was a large debt after the American Revolution, so states put heavy taxes on goods traveling to other states, which therefore angered people and caused economic chaos. Critics of the Articles thought these problems occurred because Americans had too much power in their state legislatures.

Another main reason the Nationalists were against the Articles of Confederation was that they thought it produced a weak National government, and they supported a strong one. People were getting out of hand under the Articles (ex. Shay's Rebellion) and they liked to challenged authority. Nationalists wanted to keep control of this behavior. A weak government wouldn't get respect from the world as well.