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The Australian Labor party opposed the Vietnam War because they believed that the war was a civil war, and Australian involvement was unnecessary.

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When was Australian Labor Party created?

Australian Labor Party was created in 1901.

Why did the labor party oppose Australia's involvement in Vietnam war?

Because they believed theVietnamWar was a civil war , which it was, and that our involvement was unnecessary.

Who Do The Australian Labor Party Represent?

The Australian Labor Party represents the everyday worker, and has strong ties to the Unions in Australia.

Who is the leader of the Australian Labor party?

In 2014, the leader of the Australian Labour Party is Bill Shorten.

What are the two major Australian parties?

The two major Australian political parties are the Liberal Party of Australia and the Australian Labor Party.

What political party does Nathan rees belong to?

Australian Labor Party I thinkk.....

What are the political parties of Australia in 2008?

Australian Labor Party (currently in government in all Australian states and federally as well), Liberal Party of Australia, National Party, Country Liberal Party, Australian Greens, Family First, Christian Democratic Party, Democrats, Democratic Labor Party, One Nation ...

Was Kevin Rudd Labor or Liberal?

Kevin Rudd belongs to the Australian Labor Party.

What political party does Julia Gillard belong to?

Gillard is a member of the Australian Labor Party.

What political party is Australia's Prime Minister from?

Julia Gillard is from the Australian Labor Party

What party did Bob Hawke represent?

Bob Hawke represented the Australian Labor Party.

Which party does Paul Henderson belong to?

Paul Henderson is a member of the Australian Labor Party.

What is the name of the government party in Australia?

At a federal level, the party in power in Australia is the Australian Labor Party.

Four major political parties in Australia?

The most prominent Australian political parties include "Australian Labor Party", "Liberal Party of Australia", "National Party of Australia" & "Australian Greens".

Who was the first Labor prime minister of Australia?

John 'Chris' Watson was the 3rd Prime Minister of Australia and the first "Commonwealth Labor" Prime Minister of Australia. The Commonwealth Labor party no longer exists. It was a splinter group, formed from the original Labor Party in May 1901, which was ultimately merged into the Australian Labor Party.The first Prime Minister who held allegiance to the original "Labor Party" (and in fact, led it) was Andrew Fisher.The first Australian Prime Minister of the Australian Labor Party, the party still in existence today, was William 'Billy' Morris Hughes.

Where did the Australian Labor Party originate?

The Australian Labor Party is said to have originated under the "Tree of Knowledge" at Barcaldine, Queensland, as a result of the need for workers' representation during the Great Shearer's Strike.

What do the letters ALP mean?

ALP stands for the political party known as the Australian Labor Party.

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