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There was no "Vietnam" during the Vietnam War. Communist NORTH Vietnam was attacking non-communist South Vietnam, and the US was trying to drive the communists out of South Vietnam...trying to stop communist aggression.

It's called the Vietnam War because it's a lot easier to say, and less confusing...than to say "South Vietnam War" or "North Vietnam War", so some people go so far as to say the war in Southeast Asia instead.

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What year did U.S go into war with Vietnam?

The United States went into war with Vietnam in the year 1965.

Why did United States go to war with north Vietnam?

To prevent them from conquering South Vietnam.

What were some reasons that the United States go t involved in the Vietnam war?

The primary objective of the United States was to prevent South Vietnam from falling to the communist north.

Why did the US go to war in Vietnam?

The United States went to war with/in Vietnam in the Vietnam War because they wanted to stop the spread of communism. The US President felt that if North Vietnam spread communism to South Vietnam, it would eventually spread to outer countries and then spread into the world and eventually to the US.

What was the agreement that the us would go further into the Vietnam war?

The Tonkin Gulf Resolution: It commenced open warfare between the United States and North Vietnam.Prior to the TG Resolution there was only war in South Vietnam; it was a guerrilla war and did not openly involve North Vietnam...nor was North Vietnam openly bombed by US aircraft.No, Ike did (Eisenhower).

When was the US Coast Guard first sent into action in the Vietnam War?

The US Coast Guard only protects the United States, they do not go over seas to fight.

What lessons were learned about military recruitment during the Vietnam War?

The the United States needed to go to an all volunteer fighting force because the draft was not productive in many standpoints.

When US got in World War 2?

The United States entered World War 2 after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in December of 1941. Shortly after this, Germany declared war upon the United States. The United States was forced to go to war.

When did the US go to war in Vietnam?

Guerrilla war in South Vietnam '55; conventional war with North Vietnam '64.

Why did the United States go to war with the Barbary States?

It was a haven for pirates who were attacking US ships.

With what country did the United States go to war from 1812 to 1814?

The United States again fought with Great Britain from 1812 to 1814 in the War of 1812.The United States had an ocean-going navy of fewer than twenty vessels

Why did the United states go to war with Britain in 1812?

because they had fight with the britain that how they got in the war in 1812

How long did rationig go on for after World War 2?

In the United States it ended after the war but in England it had to go on for ten more years.

Why did US go to war with Vietnam?

The US went to war with Communist NORTH Vietnam to prevent them from conquering South Vietnam.

How Long did the Vietnam War go on?

the Vietnam war against the Americans went for 20 years

What event made the united state go to World War I?

The sinking of the Lucitania was the event that made the United States join World War 1

Was William McKinley a good president?

He did not want the United States to go to war with Spain.

When did women start to go to war?

women started to go to war in the Vietnam war in the 1960s

What country did the US almost go to war with over Oregon country?

Both the United States and England wanted Oregon in 1848. Instead of going to war, the United States went to war with Mexico and gained far more territory. The United States and England signed a peace treaty. The United States made out like a bandit. It got far and away the best piece of land.

What year did America and japan go to war?

The United States declared war on the Empire of Japan on 8 December 1941.

Why did the us go to war in the philippines?

The United States went to war with the Philippines because it wanted to make the country its colony.

Vietnam war protester did what?

The NUMBER ONE reason for protesting the war was THEY DIDN'T WANT TO GO TO VIETNAM (THE DRAFT!).

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