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They wanted it under Communist North Vietnamese control; a united Vietnam...what it is today.

They won the war, remember?

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Q: Why did the communist forces attack south Vietnam?
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What effect did the withdrawal of American troops have on south Vietnam?

South Vietnam was overrun by communist forces.

What effect did the withdrawl of American Troops have on South Vietnam?

South Vietnam was overrun by communist Forces.

What did the communist forces in South Vietnam become known as?

Viet Cong

Why did the Viet Cong attack South Vietnam?

They wanted the South to become a communist nation.

What caused the to United States side with South Vietnam?

South Vietnam was attacked by a communist nation/communist forces; as part of the cold war it was the US policy to stop communist aggression.

Who was the Vietnam communist?

Southerners living in South Vietnam who sympathized with the Communist North, were the Viet Cong (VC). Communist North Vietnam, sent it's NVA (North Viet Army) south into South Vietnam to fight US/Allied forces. So, there were two basic enemies in South Vietnam: The communist sympathizers (VC) who already lived in South Vietnam. And the communist NVA, who marched from their homeland in the north, to fight in the south.

Why did north Vietnam attack south Vietnam?

In 1959, the communist started a war to take over the South. Their leader Ho Chi Minh, wanted all of Vietnam to be one communist nation

Vietcong army?

Communist sympathizers living in South Vietnam; often conducting guerrilla warfare against Republic of South Vietnam Government forces.

Why did north Vietnam and south Vietnam go into war?

Communist North Vietnam wanted to unite with NON-Communist South Vietnam.

Where did the Vietnam War end?

At the South Vietnam Presidential Palace compound in Saigon on April 30, 1975 when North Vietnamese communist forces accepted the surrender of South Vietnam.

List of people who fought in the Vietnam war?

The anti-communist forces who fought in the Vietnam War were South Vietnam, United States, South Korea, Australia, Thailand, New Zealand, Khmer Republic, and Kingdom of Laos. The communist forces were North Vietnam, Viet Cong, Khmer Rouge, and Pathetic Lao.

The full-scale attack by Communist forces in 1968 against major South Vietnam cities?

That was called the Tet Offensive as it was launched during the Vietnames holy day of Tet.

Why did US forces invade Vietnam?

The US didn't invade South Vietnam. The Republic of South Vietnam asked for US help as they couldn't stem the Red Tide (communist infiltration).


Communist guerrilla movement in Vietnam that fought the South Vietnamese government forces 1954-75 with the support of the North Vietnamese army and opposed the South Vietnamese and US forces in the Vietnam War.

Former capital of South Vietnam?

The capital of South Vietnam, officially the Republic of Vietnam, was Saigon until South Vietnam was overrun by communist forces in 1975. The city has since been known as Ho Chi Minh City.

When was veitnam war over?

US Forces withdrew in March of 1973; South Vietnam fell to Communist North Vietnam in April 1975.

Analyze the conflicts in Korea and Vietnam and describe their domestic and international effects?

1. The Korean War began like WWII, with a North Korean mechanized (tank/infantry) attack into South Korea and it ended like WWI, stalemated and signed off with an "Armistice." 2. The Vietnam War began by North Vietnamese Army infiltration into South Vietnam, and ended with a victorious NVA conventional tank/infantry attack into South Vietnam. Translation: 1. Communist forces lost the Korean War (they did NOT attain their objective). 2. Communist forces won the Vietnam War (they DID attain their objective).

Why was the US in Vietnam?

To stop Communist North Vietnam from taking over NON-Communist South Vietnam.

Was the us communist in Vietnam?

No the US was not communist in the Vietnam War. The US fought with South Vietnam against the communist north. and we lost

Which enable north Vietnam to supply allied troops in south Vietnam?

You meant "supply their own troops (NVA & VC) in South Vietnam". The Ho Chi Minh Trail was used to supply communist forces in the South.

Did Nixon thought that South Vietnam was strong enough to resist a communist takeover even if American forces were pulled out?

no nixon didnt belive that south vietnam was strong enought

What was the American struggle of the Vietnam war?

To prevent the communist take over of the NON-communist Republic of South Vietnam, by Communist NORTH Vietnam.

What is the cause of Vietnam War?

Communist North Vietnam trying to take over Non-communist South Vietnam.

What did north Vietnam gain after winning the Vietnam war?

Communist North Vietnam re-united with the NON-Communist SOUTH Vietnam, creating ONE Communist country; Vietnam.

What led the Vietnam war?

Communist infiltration into South Vietnam.