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Not all of the Founding Fathers believed in a federal system, and for many of those who did, it was simply seen as the best option at the time. The country had experienced a weak federal government under the Articles of Confederation, and the results were disastrous. Many came to believe that a stronger federal government was the solution.

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Q: Why did the founding fathers believe a federal system would work?
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What system of government did the Founding Fathers devise?


Why did the founding fathers not centralize all powers of government in the national government?

The Founding Fathers, having experienced life under English rule, were acutely aware of the dangers of centralized power. They created a system where the federal government and state governments share the power.

How did the Founding Fathers strengthen the central union of the states?

The founding fathers strengthened the central union of the states by creating the Constitution. While the founding fathers feared the thought of a centralized government system they were on a quest to limit the powers within each state.

How did the founding fathers strengthen the central union of the state?

The founding fathers strengthened the central union of the states by creating the Constitution. While the founding fathers feared the thought of a centralized government system they were on a quest to limit the powers within each state.

Were the US founding fathers inspired by Egypt?

No. The Founding Fathers were inspired by Enlightenment ideals and opposed to despots. The Ancient Egyptian system and the contemporaneous Egyptian governates were despotic regimes that opposed almost all Enlightenment ideals. As a result, the Founding Fathers did not use Egypt as inspiration.

Why did the founding fathers include a system fo checks and balances in the Constitution?

the founding fathers included a system of checks and balances in the constitution in order to keep everything even and fair so no branch of the government would have more power over another.

Did Alexander hamilton want a strong federal government?

No. None of the founding fathers wanted a strong federal Government. They set up a federal system that served the needs for defense and trade between states and nothing more. This was the framework that they felt would prevent another King situation like that of England at the time or the bloated Federal system we see today.

What was the system the founding fathers made that no one branch will get too much power?

checks and balances

Why did the U.S.'s founding fathers want the US to have a free enterprise economic system?

The founding fathers were in rebellion against an oppressive monarchy, and therefore they wanted to have a system in which they would be as free as possible, both politically and economically. The free market suits that objective.

How did the Founding Fathers set about establishing a nation with a strong constitution?

Its political system cannot be easily changed.

Why was the lack of the judiciary system a problem for our founding fathers?

because there was one father who had sex with all the others

Which branch did the founding fathers hoped would be stronger?

They wanted all of them equal, and they did that with a system of checks and balances

Which system of governmen did the founding fathers base Australia's constitution on?

A mixture of a few systems, principally the Westminster system and to a lesser extent the American system.

Why did the Founding Fathers believe that a division of powers and a system of 'Checks and Balances' was nessacery in the Constitution?

So that one person or branch had too much power. That's why they fought for their freedom from Britain.

Who created the political party system?

it happened between a fight with hamilton and Jefferson the founding fathers were not expecting it but it happened

The lowest court in federal system?

The district courts, I believe there are 94 of them

Do you think that today the United States of America is what the founding fathers intended it to be?

Yes, the US IS what the people make of it, that is the whole point, the founding fathers intended to create a system sufficiently stable, yet surprisingly flexible fully understanding that time brings change.

Why did the nations founding fathers want the US to have a free enterprise economic system?

They did not want the government to become too powerful.

Why would the founding father a choose federal system instead having one large federal government?

The two are not related. The Founding Fathers chose a Federal System (a centralized government) because the Declaration of Independent, Constitution; Bill of Rights would apply to all citizens, and enable the Federal Government to build the country they'd just won from the British - whereas a system of of state and local governments would be a major step back in promoting security, economics, and growth. A large federal government? While it'd be fair to assume the Founding Fathers never dreamed of a government the size and scope of ours today, they were governing a country of approx 4 million people spread over 13 states. You may be assured they also never imagined men walking on the moon, a $ 3 trillion annual GDP, the atomic bomb, a 50-state country, an Afro-American president...

How does the system checks and balances affect the three branches of government?

The Founding Fathers added a system of checks and balances to the principle of separation of powers written into the Constitution.

Why do you need a system of checks and balance?

The system of checks was designed by our founding fathers to prevent 1 branch of government from becoming more powerful than the other.

How did the founding fathers attempt to design a government in which the people and the state and the federal government would be protected from domination by any person group or part of the govenment?

The Founding Fathers designed a government which protected the people from any one group or branch of government from dominating the government in two ways. First, they set up a system of federalism in the Constitution by which ultimate authority is shared between a central (national) government and local (state) governments. This is also called the Federal System of government. Second, the Founding Fathers provided for the separation of powers in the Constitution. This is a principle whereby constitutional authority is distributed among the three branches of government--legislative, executive, and judicial--which each branch having its own powers while also checking the powers of the other two branches. MrV

Which branch of government did the founding fathers intend to be the most powerful?

They intended to make every branch equal using the system of checks and balances.

Memories of which past experience caused the founding fathers to include in the constitution a system of separation of powers?

inability of the confederation congress to pay its bills.

The founding fathers intended which branch to be the most important?

Neither of the three. If the system is working correctly there is an equal balance of power between the branches. This system is known as "checks and balances".