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The 1st Amendment was included in the Bill of Rights to prevent the government from intruding on American's rights to freedom of religion, speech, and assembly. They are key to preventing tyranny and promoting open, free democracy because they prevent the government from telling citizens what to believe, what they can or cannot say, or with whom they may associate. The Amendment is simple; the Amendment functions like an on-off switch: may the State impose, establish, prevent, encourage, fund, discourage, require, prohibit, or promote a religion? No. May the government limit your right to publish or say whatever you like? No. May the government prevent you from assembling with friends or allies? No. May the government prevent you from suing the Government? No. Now, while simple, it is not stupid and should not be stupidly interpreted and if you stupidly exercise it, you shouldn't whine about your rights being violated. For example, you mustn't cry "Fire" in a crowded theater when there is no fire, as the resulting pandemonium risks lives and costs the theater owner and ticket-buyers the business and purchased entertainment. You may not libel another citizen or knowingly deceive for profit. You may publish filth or bad poetry, call the President a fool and demand his impeachment, and suchlike. You may gather with friends to march in protest, but are required to gain permission from those responsible for public safety issues such as fire, traffic, and such. You may meet in homes and churches without government knowledge or interference. You may sue the government but presumably your suit must have merit to prevent an unbiased judge throwing it out. Exceptions are developing; I believe laws have been passed preventing citizens from filing suit against excessive logging on public lands, and I imagine there are similar laws elsewhere. These should be questioned and probably overturned. Please note I am not a lawyer, merely a citizen with an interest in the Constitution.

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Q: Why did the founding fathers include the First Amendment?
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By including the freedom of religion in the First Amendment the founding fathers were promoting religion?


By including the freedom of religion in the First Amendment, the founding fathers were promoting religion?


Why did the Founding Fathers include freedom of speech in the First Amendment?

They believed that everyone should be able to speak their mind and have a say in public things such as campaigns, etc. They wanted everyone to feel included.

Why was the First Amendment important for the Founding Fathers?

The First Amendment was actually not important to the Founding Fathers. It was important to the states. The founders could not get ratification without creating a bill of rights. The First Amendment was a way to keep the national government from exercising too much control over the Americans like the British had been doing. It was intended to keep the natioinal government from getting too strong, which was the whole reason for revolution.

Why did the founding fathers include freedom of religion in the first amendment?

Because the US government is based on and created for freedom and opportunity, which includes being free to choose religon..and its importance is shown in the fact that it is one of the first laws passed when the country was created.

IsGeorge Washington a American founding fathers?

Yes, he was the first American founding father.

What was the first sport played by the Founding Fathers?


When did the founding fathers first meet all together?

at the himalayas

What is meant by Charles Beard's thesis that the founding fathers were a conspiratiorial economic elite?

What Beard meant when he said that the founding fathers were a conspiratorial economic elite, he simply meant that the founding fathers were out for the elite group of society. Most of the laws first set forth by the constitution were for the wealthy, not for the everyday people. The founding fathers were out for their own economic interests

Why would you say thanks to the founding fathers?

we the people of the united states would like to say thank you to our founding fathers because they have helped our country grow and beging. Our founding fathers were the leaders of america wrote the billl of rights and the constituion that begins just like the first sentence; we the people of the united states of america . our founding fathers made our government the first to believe in ''we.'' to finish it off we should say thank you to our founding fathers because they made our country possible and fought for it through 8 years and achieved it.

How did the founding fathers have an influence on the history of the United States?

The Founding Fathers participated in the American Revolution, which made the U.S. possible in the first place. They also created the country's founding documents, the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution. Thomas Jefferson is a example of a Founding Father.

What is one of the first things the delegates to the Constitutional Convention decided on?

Founding Fathers

Which did the founding fathers think was more importand the common good or individual rights?

For them the individual right were more important because in the first amendment ittalks about all of our choices that wehave like freedom of speach

When the US was first created what were the founding fathers most scared about?

Too big a Government !

Which Amendment was the first to include a time limit for ratification?

18th amendment

Why did they build the Washington Monument?

It was built to honor the first President of the US, and to honor the Founding Fathers.

Why is Washington honored in Washington DC?

Because he was the first president (as well as one of the founding fathers).

What are your founding father noted for?

The founding fathers were noted for, establishing the basis for which the United States is now built upon. Founding fathers such as Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, George Washington led are army to victory over the British and became our first president, and they all sat together in Philadelphia and helped forge the Constitution. These things only scratch the surface of the accomplishments of our Founding Fathers.

Who was the first leader of the United States prior to the Articles of Confederation?

What are some interesting facts about Alexander Hamilton. You know, he was one of the founding fathers What are some interesting facts about Alexander Hamilton. You know, he was one of the founding fathers

How was the first amendment abused?

First Amendment... Isnt abused, its just been taken more than what it is... Our Founding Fathers, never intended that the 1st Amendment to be used so you can go flip cops off, and bad mouth someone publically, just so you can get some gratitude out of it. First Amendment has changed over the years, because times have changed. Regardless, 1st Amendment was intended for Americans to be able to Think, and Worship and Express themselve without feeling that they will be reprimanded or punished.

Did the first wave of democracy include the founding of the US?

No the first wave of democracy involved the founding of Athens around 500 BC.

Who were the first 4 founding fathers and why?

George Washington,James Madison,Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin. (:

Why was the second continental congress more like a government then the first congenital congress?

because of the Founding Fathers

The writers of the constitution are often referred to as the Founding?

The writers of the Constitution of the United States are often referred to as the Founding Fathers. Members of the Founding Fathers included Thomas Jefferson, Samuel Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and James Madison. George Washington is also included as the first President of the United States.

Were all of the founding fathers white?

No. You have to consider what the meaning of "founding fathers" are. Founding something requires laying fundamental building blocks. All of our founding fathers were not white, because many different people are responsible for the development of The United States. An example would be Greece. They qualify as a founding father for The United States. They were the first culture to install democracy into their culture after winner battles Salamis and Marathon. Our country used their method of democracy to establish government. Another example of America's founding fahers were the slaves. Slaves were the main income for agriculture. Agriculture was the fundamental building to America's Industrial Revolution. Look into the history books of our country. The founding fathers are in the pages of books. You just have to look for them. The true founding fathers of this nation were just not men signing documentation, they have definded the world we see around us each and everyday. I hope that answers your question.