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Your abuser is not there to indulge you in pleasant things, but to inflict mental or physical pain, so there is no reason whatsoever he/she would want to remember your birthday. It's just another insult to you. The abuser knows you want to celebrate your birthday (like the rest of us) and he/she will make sure you don't. Please seek out help from your Mental Health in your area. They will direct you for the help you need. If you are a man, there is help through Mental Health for Abused Men. Don't stay with this person and have the rest of your life ruined. You are stronger than you think! Good luck Marcy Marcy, thanks so much for taking the time. I have a question for you. Wouldnt the absuer know what by not phoning even on my birthday that i would never want to talk to him again? As since he never called I havent called him and I am avoiding all places where i may run into him and taking care of em finally. How would he think i would put up with that? The story goes like this. hes 15 years older and he would play games. He would be very nice and sweet to the next day of silent treatment...then he shows up at my house saying he lost my number which is not true as hes called for 6 months and to just forget seems like a lie...then on the highway he is all of a sudden driving beside me and ignroing me...then he is nice again then cold and distant then gives me hope then pulls away sayinh he dont like me the way i like him to the next day that he does like me and wont find better.....i dont get why he would not phone on my birthdday he had to have known by doing that he lost me for good. Any more advice...i am way too good for this man and im moving on...thanks

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Q: Why did your abuser not acknowledge your birthday?
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