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Q: Why would your abuser not want you to be happy on your birthday?
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If you were in Ontario and would like to wish someone a happy birthday, you would often speak French Canadian. In that language, you would want to tell them, "Bonne Fête."

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What do you mean ? you want to say that in other language?

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Is it ok to wish someone happy birthday if they no longer want to hear from you?

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Can you contact your abuser after the case is closed?

Why would you want to contact your abuser is the best answer to your question? It's probably best if you sever all ties to an abuser. Instead find a good therapist and start going to a twelve step group like Co-Dependents Anonymous.

Where can you send a letter?

I want to send a letter to opera Winfrey to wish her a happy birthday

What would be the best ggift basket theme for a teenage girl?

If you want to chose a birthday gift basket for a teen girl between the age of 8-13 Then the HAPPY BIRTHDAY FASHION FUN is the perfect choice.

Why does a drug abuser take drugs?

Who would want to know about that? Look it up on other websites.

Your ex-boyfriends birthday is coming up and when you broke up you decided to still be friends but you dont talk like usual but you still want to tell him happy birthday what should you do?

When it's his birthday, call him up and wish him a happy birthday, and don't encourage any drama.

When will you tell your partner about your history of domestic violence?

That would be crazy if it was yourself who was the abuser, because you would want to pretend you're a good person!!

What would you want for your 14th birthday?

i would want some clothes and make up

What would a 12 year old boy want for his birthday besides video games?

buy him a skateboard...he'll love it if he likes skating......i swear he'll be happy.....

What are fun birthday parties?

they are balloons pinatas and cake and ice cream and also if you want games the fun game is limbo hope you have a happy birthday

Why would as narcissist marry a narcissist?

This is not only very unlikely, but could have some very violent results. Abusers usually stay away from other abusers, as they are difficult to control. The abuser may accuse the victim of being the abuser, but this is not the case. I will assume that your diagnosis is current, however, for this question. An abuser would marry another abuser due to a history of abuse in childhood. The initial abuser would be very confused. Having grown up in an abusive environment, he has witnessed both the victim and the abuser. The child usually grows up to become one of these two options. In this case, it appears that the child grew up to become both. If this is the case, the abuser will be very confused and will probably have a split personality in which he either plays the role of the abuser or the victim. The problem will come when both abusers want to play the 'abuser' role, and neither feels like playing victim. This could become very dangerous.

What would a teenager want to do for their birthday?


Is it normal for someone who has been abused to want to argue with their abuser and prove them wrong even when things are going well?

Yess... that's they're way of expressing the hurt caused by the abuser in their time of rage. But to stay in this state is unhealthy. Allow them to vent, reassure your forgiveness and love and make happy memories.

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