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What is the pronoun in the sentence What I really want for Christmas is a horse

What is the correct complete diagram for this sentence The error taught us an expensive lesson

Where should the pronoun be placed on a diagram After the dance was finished we went out for something to eat.

What is the diagram of this sentence Find an easier way to diagram stories

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Q: Why would your abuser not want you to be happy on your birthday?
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Is it bad to sing happy birthday after your birthday?

No it is not. You can sing a happy birthday song whenever you want and however you want to. There is nothing good or bad about it.

How do you say happy birthday in Ontario french?

If you were in Ontario and would like to wish someone a happy birthday, you would often speak French Canadian. In that language, you would want to tell them, "Bonne Fête."

How do you play happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday dear Ryker happy birthday to you?

You didn’t tell us what instruments you want to use for this so your question can’t be answered. Just sing it.

What is the pangasinan translation of Happy Birthday?

Usually they dont bother to translate it, pangasinenses usually just say the happy birthday in their accent. For example: "Hapi bertdi!" But if you really want the translation, it would "Maligayan Kaarawan ed sikayo" (Happy birthday to you) or Bali balin Kaarawan ed sika..Hope this helps..^_^

Who can say. church?

not baby's well this is how to say happy birthday to someone in church! it starts in 3 2 1 go happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday god bless you happy birthday to you! thank you want any more answers to questions ask me and I'll give you your key! bye

What would a 44-year-old dad want for his birthday?

i'm sure he would be just happy to have you celebrating his birthday. but if you much, i recommend a hand made card to surprise your dad :)

How do you say his and her birthday in french?

Son anniversaire! goes for his birthday and for her birthday! and if you want to wish someone a happy birthday it is : Joyeux anniversaire!

How do you say Happy Birthday in Chukkese?

you say Happy birthday ( if you mean sing and dont want to pay money than for he/ she is a jolly good fellow or happy b-day )

What would a aunt want for her birthday?

she would want me

Why does a drug abuser take drugs?

Who would want to know about that? Look it up on other websites.

Am I spoiled if I would like a trampoline for my birthday?

This question all depends on whether or whether not it's the ONLY thing you want. For example, if you wanted a trampoline, a laptop, money, etc. all for your birthday, yes, you are spoiled. But, if the ONLY thing you want for your birthday is a trampoline, it's just fine. If you want to ask your parents for a trampoline for your birthday, go for it! Happy (almost) birthday!

How do you say Happy Birthday Mom?

What do you mean ? you want to say that in other language?

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