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Why didn't God make the world in one day?


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November 30, 2015 8:28PM

The Jewish Mishna (Avot ch.5) answers that question. It states the ancient tradition that God created the world by stages in order to impress upon us the importance of the Creation.

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October 14, 2014 5:32AM

Quite possibly this is an unanswerable question, since almighty God has not revealed in detail why this is the way things were done.

It is true that the objects in the sky observable to the naked eye were made 'for signs and for seasons.' Thus, even ancient man used the sun and the moon and the stars to tell the passing of time and the seasons. This could also be one reason why the world was made in seven days, since, given God's omnipotence He needed only a moment of time to create.

The creation account deals with the world as God made it and in its second part deals particularly with man and his place in that world. Man lives in a tri-universe of space time and matter. The use of seven day time period is indeed a convenient way of ordering time, with the allowance, taken advantage of by many of a day of rest. This time period is somewhat independent of the times and seasons signified by the heavenly bodies. As indicated by Mark 2:27 'the sabbath was made for man..' that is for his benefit. The seven day time period of the week being the setting in which this 'sabbath' sits.

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October 14, 2014 5:31AM

The first creation account in Genesis (1:1-2:4a) says that creation took six days. The distinguished biblical scholar, Raymond E. Brown, says that the author of Genesis, even if he drew on earlier legends, wrote his story working back from the world he knew to picture its origins. In other words, the author chose a period of six days of creation for literary or theological reasons. Presumably a truly omnipotent God could have created the world in a mere instant, but how do you write a dramatic and compelling story about something that was all over in a flash?
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