Why do 14- to 16-year-olds need health and fitness?


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Well im 13 5 foot 10 and i go to a gym and work out 3 times a week its good to keep a healthy body cause no one likes a lazy couch potato and you can even meet girls there... its also since ur growing that it helps u to devolop muscles but since u are growing to much may be a bad thing but a good fit body can turn out to many great things

Answer: Ignore this guy, he's definatly lying. Being fit improves your body in multiple ways, and it's a great way to relieve stress when you exercise. Not to mention it's easier for you to succeed in life.

the child's body is developing greatly in these years and if there is not enough exercise the child can gain weight and effect their metabolism. But as the first post says to much is definitely a bad thing, the body is using a lot of its chemicals in this age and needs vitamins. If overdone the body may be injured ie. broken bones or strains.


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