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Bonnet - A removable metal plate over a machine part, such as a valve. Car hoods used to be removable.

Boot-the receptacle or place into which the top of a convertible car fits when lowered.

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Q: Why do British call the hood and trunk of a car the bonnet and boot respectively?
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What does boot mean when it comes to cars in UK?

Boot - British - American - Trunk, the part at the back for luggage.British/Australian bootin America it's just a trunk

What is the meaning of boot space in car?

Boot is the trunk, us Americans call the boot the trunk.. most foreign countries call it the boot. For future reference: US Other Trunk = Boot Hood = Bonnet Roof = Hood Engine = Lump and Im sure theres much more

What is the british English for the American word trunk?

boot (as in the trunk of a car)

What do the British call the trunk of a car?


What is the boot of a car?

In British-speak it is the trunk.

What is a car bonnet?

A "Bonnet" is the British equivalent of a "hood". There are several differences between American and British automotive terms. Other translations include "boot" which we Americans call a "trunk", "propshaft" which we call "drive shaft", "drive shaft" which we call "axle", and "spanner" which we call a "wrench"

What is the bonnet on a BMW 328i?

Bonnet is another word for hood and boot is another word for trunk, this is commonly used in Europe and many other countries around the world.

What is a boot lid on a VW Passat?

in British English the "boot" is equivalent to the American word for the trunk.

What is the British word for trunk?

On a car, the rear compartment is called the "boot".

What is the British equivalent of these American words Trunk of a car?

car boot

What is the trunk of a car called in the UK?

the boot

Where is a cars boot?


In England what is the boot?

# The trunk of a vehicle# The boot, the sack, the bullet. 'He got the boot' = He was fired.

What is a boot on a jaguar 2000 style-S?

A boot is a boot in UK and a trunk in US!

What is the word boot in American language?

This can go two ways as the question is asked.The American word boot refers specifically to an article of footwear. A boot is a high, heavy shoe, typically ending above the ankle.The translation of the British word boot into American is automobile trunk.

And what is the English term for car trunk?

The boot.

Where is the boot located in a Mini Cooper S?

The boot is the trunk space, therefore in the back.

What is a boot of a car in American?

The boot of a car is known as the trunk in North America, the bonnet of a car is known as the hood in North America and the bumper is known as the fender. There are a few other confusing things for British and Australian drivers when they come over to N. America one important one is that the road is calle the pavement so it is most important to know that. The pavement in N. America is known as the side walk.

Does VW make beetles with a rear boot or trunk and a front engine?

The engine is rear mounted and the boot is at the front on the older classic Beetles. The New Beetles have the engine in the front and the boot (trunk) in the back.

Where is the fuse box on a 1972 jeep wagoneer?

Either under the bonnet OR in the boot ;)

What is a car boot?

Trunk lid in Limey Land.

Description of a car?

it uses petrol or diesel and it moves on four tyres and that is all apart from 4 doors and a boot and bonnet or maybe 2 doors and a boot and a bonnetcome in different colours have four wheels helps to move you around

Where is the boot for 2003 jaguar?

boot is the trunk, the big hole with a lid on that keeps the back wheels apart.

Where is battery on BMW 3 series?

The battery in in the trunk (boot).

What is the place name in which you can take your goods in a car?

Trunk or boot.