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do mean implatation bleeding--its ok to get it--its rare but most women do get them and last only two days and its spotting only no regular, medium, or heavy like period.this is just telling that your body is getting ready to being pregnant and the developing egg implants itself in your uterine wall congrat and good luck


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Having sex the day of ovulation increases the chance of conceiving a boy, having sex two or more days before ovulation increases the odds of having a girl. The boy sperm are better (faster) swimmers but the girl sperm lives longer, waiting for ovulation.

You are bleeding from not getting the shot. I would try to conceive after the bleeding stops. You might want to also get a ovulation kit at the store so you can know when you are ovulating because with all this bleeding, you might not know when you are ovulating. I was on depo for 6 months and bled the whole time, even after I was off of it. You just need to let it run it's course.

Based on my experience it is implantation bleeding. I had it a week before my period should arrive. But i knew i was pregnant when i had it. My husband and I are trying to conceive that's why even with a negative result i still believe i am. After 3 days of missed period true enough i was pregnant! I also had lower abdominal cramping and backpains. So goodluck!

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yes of course it is are you daft? he can suck all he wants to

Yes, it doesn't hurt to have a little drink before attempting conception - it can help to relax you. Of course drinking during pregnancy is dangerous, and if you are trying to conceive then you should not be drinking too much.

Luke's Gospel. The angel Gabriel appears to Mary and "announces" to her that she will conceive and bear the Christ Child by the power of The Holy Spirit. This is celebrated by the Church on March 25...9 months before Christmas Day. Interestingly, the name Gabriel (Hebrew: Gavri El) can be interpreted as "My Husband".

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Yes! I'm A positive & my husband is O positive. We have two healthy, adult children.

Blood type has nothing to do with conception. Sperm count and fertility do.

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