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Q: Why do Tongans and Samoans hate each other?
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Why do tongans hate Samoans?

Because Samoans talk a lot of smack thru Internet but don't know how to say it to a Tongans face.

Samoans and tongans hate each others only?

I would feel very sad for the few Samoans and Tongans who resort to this kind of feeling. I am Samoan, and I have a lot of Tongan family and friends. We are all God's children, and there is no room for hate in this world if we learn to live and get along with each other. God bless. Alofa atu and ofa atu.

Does Tonga and Samoa hate each other?

As a Samoan, I do not hate Tongans. We all have our likes and dislikes in each other, but we don't "hate" each other, and when I say "each other", I mean Samoan to Samoan, Samon to Tongan, Samoan to palagi, Tongan to Tongan, English to English, and so forth. "Hate" is a strong ugly word. We are all children of God, and the less hate in the world, the better chance of us all getting along in a peaceful world. God bless Tongans, Samoans and all other ethnic groups.

Who is better in wars out of Tonga and Samoa?

Tonga and Samoa are even . But the reason why Samoans hate Tongans is because sometimes Tongans can be a little over board with things. Like showing off . Samoans however a little bit on the humble side. But Tongans and Samoans are pretty even. ok look im tongan and samoan my parents r both cultures but samoa is better because there gud in lots of other stuff and tonga is good in a little bit of stuff samoa rocks i like both culture stupid question racis but its the truth im right agree with this

Are Tongans racist?

No, not all Tongans are racist. You can't judge someone cos I could ask you the same thing "Are you racist?"Most Tongans i know joke a lot and some of their jokes involves racist, so if you think Tongans are racist you either have a bad sense of humor or you just hate Tongans.

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