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Why do all rear lights go out when headlights turned on?


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Because you have to eat french fries with ketchup!

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The dash lights and the tail lights are on the same fuse. In all probability, you have a short circuit in the tail light wiring.

Turn your headlights on. Walk to the back of the vehicle and look for any lights that are out. If the lights are all on. Have someone press the break pedal and look at the light again. If any lights are out replace them.

how do headlights operate? how do headlights operate?

The parking lights may stay on because the headlights have not been turned off completely. If the car is parked, the key is out of the ignition, and the headlights are turned all the way off, the issue is in your electrical system. It will need to be taken to a mechanic to be tracked down and repaired.

Yes they should , they stay on all the time , while the ignition is on all the best Fester

The light switch is located at the left-most position on the dash. Turning the knob clockwise will light the parking lights on the first detent and the headlights when turned all the way. By leaving the switch turned all the way on when shutting off the vehicle will result in the lights remaining lit for 30 - 45 seconds. In this case they will re-light when the car is re-started.

You must have two headlights, all other lights are in fact not headlights and just additional light aids.

Since the break lights turn on when the head lights are activated, the problem is probably in the wiring of your break lights. Someone may have accidentally disconnected the wires of your break lights to your head lights.

This is the Bulb Warning Light; Meaning the vehicle has a faulty bulb, on the exterior or of the vehicle. Check all of the lights (with ignition on); Front + Rear side lights Front Headlights Front high beam Front +Rear Fog Lights Front + Rear Indicators Rear Stop lights (including high level/ centre stop) Number plate lights And, Reverse lights. Replace the necessary bulbs, recheck all lights, and the light should disappear.

Yes! Pilots are very careful about their night vision, and you -will- upset them if you put your headlights in their eyes. This is not to say that you should turn all your lights off though. You should have your parking lights on, as well as turning on your four-way blinkers (hazard lights) whenever driving on the airport ramp.

What are the headlights doing? Is the bulb burned out? Are the lights not coming on at all? Are they misaligned?

yes, if truck has day running lights, the low beams are on at all times, when head lights are turned on by the switch, the voltage is increased on low beams to a full 12 volts on low beam, when switched to high beam, all four are on.

Headlights are not to stay on all the time,only front parking lights.

Most likely, the dash light dimmer is turned all the way down. That particular dimmer only comes into play when the headlights are turned on. Try turning it back up. did you find out what was wrong with the dashboard im having the same problem

Its possible that your brightness for the dash lights and such is turned all the way down. Find the dimmer switch and turn it to a brighter setting and see if that works. Good luck!

just had this problem with my 2002 durango, the mechanic ran it on the computer and nothing showed up so he disconnected the battery and then reconnected it and everything works now. The headlights, locks, panel lights, interior lights, locks, rear wipers all run through the body assembly moduale. Hope this helps you.

It is different from state to state. But for all of the states Rear Tinted lights are illegal.

All street legal vehicles have head lights.

mainly because you lights are still drawing current from the battery. try opening all the holes in the battery and emptying the liquard out on the floor be dont get it on you. hope i helped

rear car lights come on as an indication to the drivers in the back that you are about to stop.

Sounds like the brake light switch is defective.Sounds like the brake light switch is defective.

make sure your dimmer switch isn't turned all the way down. Then check the fuses next.

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