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Why do animals hear different sound ranges to humans?

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To know if a predator is coming

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Do all animals hear the same frequencies of sound as humans do?

No, most animals can hear higher frequencies than humans. The range for humans is 20 Hz- 20,000Hz, while most animals' ranges are much higher.

How do animals and humans see and hear differently?

when humans hear they vibrate using stuff in your ears. Animals have different stuff in there ears so the vibrations sound different even though its the same sound

What is a description of what is actually heard?

Audible sound is what is actually heard. Some people will interpret audible sounds differently depending on their ability to hear as well as their perceptions. Animals can "hear" sounds that humans cannot hear. There are ranges of sound that are normal for humans.

How does a radio transmit sound?

By radio signals of different ranges

How high or low a sound is percived?

Different animals can perceive sounds at different wavelengths. For example a dog whistle has a frequency which dogs can hear but is too high for humans. Furthermore, people's sensitivity to sound frequency changes with age. In general, ordinary range for humans is 20 to 20,000 Hz.

Can all animals hear the same sound?

All animals have different sensitivities of hearing. Different animals hear different sounds. Like a dog. A dog has one of the most sensitive hearing levels. That's what dog whistles were meant to do. They were supposed to make it so humans can't hear it but dogs can.

What animals use sound as communication?

I know that whales do. I hope that was helpful.Humans

What animal make the toot sound?

There are all kinds of animals that make the toot sound. Humans for example are one animal that makes that sound.

Why can some animals hear sounds that humans can not hear?

Because each animal has a different range of sensitivity for sound frequencies; also not all the human beings are identical.

How do bats make sound?

Bats make sound the same way humans and other animals do. They force air over their vocal cords and this produces sound.

How are seals different from other animals?

they make a uagh uagh sound but other animals dont

Why do animals hear sounds that humans dont?

Many animals have a higher range of sounds they can hear but humans cannot. Dogs for example, can hear sounds as high as 60,000 Hz while the human range is within 20,000Hz. Lower base ranges 20 to 80 Hz are felt more than heard in many animals so while they will react, it is more fright and flight than recognition of specific sound.

How do animals hear?

Animals hear in the same way as humansa do. Vibrations. but some animals may hear different frequencys of sound and that's what makes them different

Can all animals hear sounde?

All animals do not hear sounds in the same way as humans. This is because different animals have differences in the way their sensory nerves are set. Some animals like dogs can hear high pitched sound which human beings cant. United Nations Farms

Why do animals ears twitch when they hear a sound and humans don't?

It is to show other animals, as making a noise could result in them being killed.

Do all animals hear the same frequencies of sound as human do?

Some animals can hear higher frequencies than humans can. This is why animals can hear things like dog whistles, and we can't hear them. In all, animals can hear differently than humans in the way that they can hear more. Some animals can hear lower frequencies than humans can. Elephants can hear much lower frequencies than humans.

How human beings differ from all other animals?

Humans hearing range are infra sound and all other animals hearing range are ultrasound

Which animal is loud?

there are a number of animals that are loud, but us humans can only hear sound on certain decibles, but I belive that the loudest animals would be the whales

What does the timbre of sound depend on?

The quality(timbre) of a sound is unique to each and every object producing it. Humans have varying tones, different materials make different sounds.

What kind of animals have a soft sound?

There are a lot of different animals that have a soft sound from a bird like animal an owl to other rodent animals that don't make much noise at all like a chipmunk.

Do all animals hear the same sounds?

No, all animals are different therefore they will hear different sounds. Sometimes animals hear the same sound from the same animal but never is it all the same.

Difference between 3 way speakers and 2 way speakers?

The more speaker cones, the more the sound can be separated into the different sonic ranges, the better the overall sound quality.

What animal makes the quietest sound?

The animals that make the quietest sounds are the ones that humans can't hear. These typically include animals like rattle-less snakes.

Why do donkeys eoo?

This is their way of communicating within their herd, to other animals and to humans as well. This sound can also be known as a bray.

Are there animals that pick up sound waves different than human?

yep! plenty