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Why do brake pads wear out faster on the inside?


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2004-11-13 10:14:52
2004-11-13 10:14:52

The calipers are binding and not free floating. Lube all bolts and mounting points when assembling them


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The front brake pads will wear faster, and the rear brake may eventually seize due to not being used.

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The new pads will not be so effective and will wear down faster. Best to fit new rotor too.

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There is no set mileage which tells you when to get new brake pads. Wear on the brake pads depend on various factors, most importantly the braking habits of the driver. Front brakes wear out faster the the rear brakes. If there is a noise when you brake or you feel grinding, then you should bring your vehicle to the mechanic.

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When they wear out!!!!

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