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Long ago, the right arm was considered the sword arm of most fighting men. If a man had to protect his bride, he would hold her with his left hand, and fight off attackers with his right arm. The reason that men may have had to fight off others was because quite often women were kidnapped. Family members naturally wanted to rescue the stolen brides. Sometimes even during the wedding ceremony, the grooms had to fight off other men who were desirous of their brides, along with the bride's family members. So having his right arm free was an important strategy. This tradition is followed today by when facing the officiant, having the bride stand to the left, and the groom stand to the right.

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Q: Why do brides stand on the left during a wedding and grooms stand on the right?
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Why do brides stand on the left during a wedding and grooms stand on the right in church?

Your heart is located on the left so the bride stands "under his heart." This also keeps his right hand, or sword/weapon hand free to defend her in case an enemy tries to steal her away.

In the wedding day where does the bride and groom stand?

Christian brides stand on the left of the groom, while Jewish brides stand on the right of the groom.

Does the engagement ring get removed when the wedding band is given?

Yes, so that the wedding band can be placed closest to the heart. 2. The engagement ring during the ceremony is placed on the brides right finger. Once the wedding band is given the bride then moves the engagement ring back to the left

What hand does the ring go on for men?

The grooms wedding ring goes on the left hand and second finger to the pinkie finger. Some European men will wear the wedding band on the right hand.

What order are all the different people in a wedding ceremony?

Facing the Pastor: center left is the bride center right is the groom to left of the bride is the maid of honor to the right of the groom is the best man on each side of the maid of honor and best man the brides maids and grooms men in pairs flower girl by maid of honor ring beareer by best man

Do Jewish woman wear wedding ring on right hand?

they wear wedding rings on the left hand, though it is placed on the right hand during wedding ceremony

Where can one find affordable wedding invitations?

When looking for affordable wedding invitations then it may be possible to find them at a low price on such sites as Amazon or eBay. There are other sites selling wedding invitations that might have the right ones to fit in with a bride and grooms budget. such sites as Invitations Consultants state that they sell affordable wedding invitations.

Where does the groom standing during a wedding?

The groom traditionally stand on the right of the bride during the ceremony.

Why is the ring worn on the third finger of left hand?

According to tradition the wedding ring is worn on the left ring finger because the vein in the left ring finger was believed to be directly connected to the heart. Different countries and different religions all have their own customs for it though. Also, from a practical point of view, many brides and grooms will chose to wear their wedding band on the hand they use the least (e.g. if you're right handed on the left, if you're left handed on the right) so as to avoid scratches or damages to the ring from every day work.

Waht is the ultimate weight loss solution?

There are many books geared toward grooms and brides on the specific topic of losing weight for a wedding. You can find these books at retail stores like Books A Million or Boarders.

Where does the groom stand during a wedding?

In general, on the right-hand side of the bride.

Where are black veil brides touring at right now?

black veil brides is at UK at this moment

When are the parents escort into the wedding?

The brides parents and their guests sit on the pews at the left (parents in the first pew) and the groom's parents and guests sit on the right side. While guests are arriving at the church the mother of the bride will be escorted down the aisle to the first pew by one of the ushers in the wedding party and seated. The father of the bride will remain behind to escort his daughter down the aisle and give her away to her intended spouse and then will sit to the left of the first pew next to his wife. The grooms parents may just walk down the aisle on their own arm in arm and sit at the first pew on the right.

What do you do if the father of the bride refuses to agree to give the brides hand in marriage?

* The father is obviously making a statement he may feel you are too young to get married or has other reasons. If you are not a minor then you have the right to make your own choice. If you are going ahead with the wedding ask your father one more time and if he still refuses then you can have an uncle or a brother give you away during your wedding day..

Why do Jewish people wear the wedding ring on their right hand?

The wedding ring is placed on the right index finger during the ceremony, but they take it off and put it on the left ring finger after the ceremony.

How are Jewish brides and grooms escorted to the marriage canopy by their parents?

At Hasidic and Orthodox Jewish weddings, the groom is escorted by both fathers and the bride is escorted by both mothers. At other Jewish weddings, the bride and groom are escorted by their parents with the father on the left and the mother on the right.

Does the bride walk down the aisle on the left or right of her father?

Right side. The groom will be standing facing the father on his left. It is then common practice for the father to place the brides arm into the grooms arm ... 'passing the watch' so to speak, insuring that the bride will be well taken care of as her father did for all the years leading up to matrimony.

Where does the bride stand at ceremony?

That depends on how she was brought up. Christian brides stand on the left while Jewish brides stand on the right.

When do black veil brides start touring?

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How do you pick the right wedding date?

There is no "right" wedding date. You just need to plan for when you're not too busy.

Who escorts the brides mother?

The father of the groom. Men on the left, women on the right

When is the bride's veil lifted?

The brides veil is lifted right before the kiss

What is opposite gender of groom?

Bride. Generally, the bride is a feminine while the groom is a masculine. In same-gender marriages, it's common to have two grooms or two brides, though some couples agree as to which one has more gender-specific traits, and which has more gender-opposing traits (thus, "groom and bride" are still accurate in such marriages where this is the case, regardless of biological gender). But if you're asking whether or not it's right to have two grooms... that's a question we really can't answer for you.

How much does black veil brides get paid?

Black Veil brides gets paid acording to the shows and contract. Right now it is romored to be about 1, millon per tour.

Etiquette for seating at a wedding?

* Facing the Bride and Groom's Head Table; to the right would be: Groom; Best Man; Ushers. To the left: Bride; Maid of Honor and Bridesmaids. The parents can either sit at the Head Table (Brides parents she be to the left) and the Grooms parents to the right. It is still etiquette to seat the parents and very close relatives to tables closest to the head table. Table to the left for the Bride's parents and close relatives and tables to the right for the Groom's parents and close relatives. The other guests should be seated with their spouses (or boyfriend/girlfriend) and seating arrangements should be planned well to be sure you put people at each table that will get along well together.