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Dog Shaking

My guess is it might be having nightmares or muscle spasms. I'd say keep an eye on the dog for a week or two and if it continues each night or in a pattern which you feel is too often then have the dog seen by a vet.


Dogs can dream and if you watch them their eyes are much like a humans in REM sleep (eyes going back and forth and blinking) sometimes their noses twitch, tails wag and the feet will move as if they are running. They may mumble a bark every so often. If the dog is just twitching and appears still I suggest as the above poster did that you take your dog into the vets ASAP.

NO NO, ignore the above answer, yes your pet can dream which would cause them to spasm, move, but its mainly due to REM sleep. Like humans, when dogs enter REM sleep they spasm, twitch, much like our eyes do when we enter REM sleep, except for them its not just their eyes, it can be legs, paws, body.

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Do dogs sleep?

Yes dogs do sleep they will normally sleep during anytime your not playing with them and they will shake like we do sometimes when we sleep

Why does your husky shake in his sleep?

my dog sleeps on my bed, and sometimes during the night i hear her whimper. when i look up i see that she is shaking. I ruled this out to nightmares and just gave her a gentle shake and she stopped. :)

When do hyenas sleep?

sometimes during the day

Do fish sleep during the day?


Are vultures nocturnal?

No, but they sometimes sleep during days.

Do whales sleep during migration?

Sometimes,but not always.

Do the fish sleep?

Yes, Fish sleep not like we do they don`t have eyelids to close they sometimes sleep during the day.

Do goats sleep with their eye open?

No, goats do not sleep with their eyes open. Sometimes, the baby goats will sleep with their eyes open during REM sleep.

Is to much sleep for you i sleep 8 hours a night and sometimes 1 hour during the day?

no - not really

What does it mean when you kick violently in your sleep?

You could be having a nightmare.

Do goats sleep with their eyes open?

Goats do not sleep with their eyes open. Sometimes, the baby goats may have their open during their REM sleep cycle.

Is a turkey vulture a nocturnal hunter?

no because sometimes they sleep during the day

Why Body shake when asleep?

sleep apnea?

Do hamster sleep in night or day?

sometimes if you lay with them they might go to sleep during the day but mostly all hamsters sleep a full 7 hours and that's good.

What is the medical term meaning a group of potentially fatal disorders in which breathing repeatedly stops during sleep?

Obstructive sleep apnea is the medical term meaning periods during sleep when breathing stops. It is sometimes abbreviated OSA.

What do tigers like to do during the day?

Hunt, Take care of their baby's, and sometimes just sleep.

How do rabbits sleep?

They lay (sometimes flop) on their sides and close their eyes, not as long as people do, but they take many naps during a day. Sometimes they will twitch as they are dreaming. Rabbits will only sleep where they feel safe.

Do raccoons sleep during the day?

Raccoons are primarily nocturnal animals but may also be active sometimes during daylight hours.

Do you dream the whole time you are asleep?

No; you dream several times during each night's sleep, several times during REM (rapid eye movement) sleep and several times during other sleep stages. But, sometimes you will dream all night and just won't remember it.

What does a leopard do during the day?

leopards are generally nocturnal so they sleep or be very lazy. sometimes they hunt...

When do centipedes sleep?

During the day, They hunt and sometimes scavange at night, Small bugs, Other centipedes

What are some symptoms of a sleep disorder?

Sleep disorders can be recognized by sleepiness during the day, the feeling of not waking up right. Many people with sleep disorder are warned by their partners of sometimes stopping breathing for some period of time sometimes combined with heavy snoring.

Why do i shake during sleep?

A person who shakes while sleeping should seek answers from a medical professional. There could be no reason for concern but that should be determined by the professional.

Where do hyenas like to sleep?

they will sometimes sleep in caves

Where do puffins sleep?

they sleep in burrow sometimes on rocks