Why Body shake when asleep?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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sleep apnea?

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Q: Why Body shake when asleep?
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Does your body shake if you have a thyroid problem?

Yes, your body may shake (called tremors) if you have a thyroid problem.

Why do piglets shake?

Piglets shake in order to regulate their body temperature.

When was Shake Your Body - Down to the Ground - created?

Shake Your Body - Down to the Ground - was created on 1978-12-08.

How do you keep a dog up when it is about to fall asleep?

make a loud noise shake him/her pick him/her up and put them on their feet

Why do you fall asleep?

your body gets tired

How do you know when somebody is in a coma and not just asleep?

If someone is in a coma they are unconcious and do not respond to voices,sounds or any activitie around them.He is still alive but their brain is working at it's lowest standard/stage of alertness.If you shake someone and their in a coma then they do not wake up like if you shake someone that's asleep.

How do you dance on Maplestory?

you shake your body

What does it mean when some say shake it to you?

Shake your body or butt. I also hear people say "shake!" as if to say in your face or or to be rude.

How long does it take a human body to fall asleep?

It takes the average person seven minutes to fall asleep

Why does your body shake after you get up too fast not Dizzy but shake?

The lack of blood flowing to your brain.

What the name for when your body shake?

Shivers or trembles.

What causes the body to shake?

This is Alzheimer's Disease.