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Why do farmers chew straw?

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It isn't straw we chew, it's grass.

Straw is made from the stems of wheat, oats, or barley that's been cut and baled to provide bedding for animals after the grains have been harvested.

What you see farmers chewing is grass--tall, tasseled prairie grass--which is liable to be growing in yards and pastures out in the country. There isn't a specific reason why we chew it. We just do. It's kind of like Chewing Gum. Many tall prairie grasses have a sweet, refreshing taste--one of the kind I like to chew, called big blue stem, actually tastes a bit like watermelon. So if you're working outside and it's hot out and you don't have any gum, a long piece of grass not only gives you something sweet to chew on but it can also (ever so slightly) re-hydrate you. In the very least, it breaks the monotony of farm work.

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What is a straw made of?

Straw is the hollow stalk of a grain plant, most farmers use Oat plants.

What is a french farmers hat called?

There is no special name, but a straw hat is a "chapeau de paille".

Is it better to use straw or hay for organic farmers?

It depends on the use. For mulch, straw is probably better since it carries less possibility of plant disease and may carry fewer weed seeds. For feed use for organic dairy production, hay is a much higher quality feed since straw has virtually no nutritive value.

What does chew chew chew mean?

it means chew harder and harder

What is a sentence using the word straw?

Where do you keep all your crops? Do you have any Straw?

How many syllables are in the word 'straw'?

There is one syllable in the word 'straw'.

What is the collective noun of straw?

The collective nouns for straw (plant fiber) are a clutchof straw, a bundle of straw, a truss of straw.The collective noun for straws (drinking) is a bundle of straws.

Can you eat a straw?

No, not a drinking straw. As for straw as in grass, I guess someone could eat that.

What do teeth do to your food when you chew?

it helps you chew it helps you chew

What is a train made from gum?

A train made from gum is a Chew Chew train get it a CHEW CHEW train.

Why does when you dip a straw in a glass full of water the water inside the straw stops when you put your thumb at the end of the straw?

That's because your thumb on the end of the submerged straw closes the straw and prevents the air inside the straw from being replaced by the water.

Is straw an adjective?

The word straw can be a noun or an adjective depending on how it is used.Some examples are below.She wore a big, straw hat. (Straw in this sentence is an adjective describing the word hat.)The boy drank milk from a straw. (In this sentence, straw is a noun.)

Is straw flammable?

yes I'm not sure if matches are made of straw but straw is easily flammable.

Which to choose hay or straw?

to eat hay. to sleep on straw or a mixture of both hay and straw

What does straw have to do with Christmas?

Its to do with the straw in the stable where Jesus got born, he slept in a mainjar layered with straw.

Blowing through a straw will produce a sound which straw will make the highest pitch?

biggest straw will have a small pitch but the small straw will have the highest pitch

Can you put pine straw over grass seed instead of wheat straw?

If you are using pine straw, be sure to use aged straw. Fresh pine straw has a chemical that causes issues with plants.

How do people eat in the Philippines?

with their mouths. chew chew chew swallow.

What does chaff do for a horse?

Chaff is a chopped mixture of hay and straw and it provides slightly easier chewing for older horses and the needed chew time for all horses. It can also be used to supplement a forage poor diet.

What nicknames does Lauren Chew go by?

Lauren Chew goes by Chewy Chew.

Mass of a straw?

A straw weighs about 0.37 grams.

What did Jack straw die from?

Jack Straw is not dead.

What is a straw house?

it is an house made out of straw dear

How do you make a straw flower?

glue petals on a straw

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