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If you don't have kids will your breasts get saggy?


I am 18 an had a baby will your breast be perky again and not saggy?

If your breasts got saggy then you will need surgery

Can jogging cause saggy breasts?

No, aging and pregnancy can change the shape and condition of breasts and the skin.

What happens during the respiratory cascade?

Your breasts get saggy, and they detieriate

What are the best bras to lift saggy breasts?

Which is the bra to lift breast

Do men like saggy breasts?

No not really but some of us have odd

How saggy are the worlds saggiest breast?

There is no record for the World's Saggiest Breasts.

What do men think of sagging breasts?

Men think, "What a tragedy that beautiful, luscious, blooming breasts can become saggy and useless."

What will happen if you dont wear a bra?

Your breasts will become saggy and ill-formed.

How can you prevent from having saggy breasts?

Wear a good bra that keeps them in place

Why do breasts get saggy?

Boobs get saggy for a couple of reasons: first if you breast feed and allow your child to nurse into their teen years, yes your boobs will be saggy: secondly, GRAVITY, is the problem , boobs just aren't that durable.....

Why do you need to wear a bra?

so your breasts don't get really saggy when you're older.

Why are your breasts hard?

some are saggy and some are normal. Maybe because it has alot of tissue in them.

How do you prevent saggy breasts?

It's kind of hard since boobs are affected by gravity.

Is there a certain bra for saggy breasts?

A push up bra. They have TONS of them at Victoria's secret

What are the bad parts of los angeles?

Its got a really ugly face and saggy breasts

Can girls have man breasts?

Girls may have small breasts but they are still girl breasts.

What can you do besides surgery if you are 13 and have 38D breasts and they are saggy?

There really is nothing that can be done except for surgery.

At what age do girls get breasts?

everyone is different,.. but girls usually get breasts in middle school

When girls wear yoga pants does it bother you when their crouch looks saggy?


Why do girls develop breasts?

Girls develop breasts so when they have a baby, they are able to breastfeed. During pregnancy the breasts get larger and fill with milk to feed the baby. Those are the main reasons girls develop breasts.

How are girls and boys so different?

Well, Girls have Breasts, and they have a vagina! And, Boys have no breasts, and they have a penis!

How do you get saggy breasts?

when u don't wear proper bras for u. ur boobs start to sag cuz of the no support

Does breastfeeding mke your breasts bigger?

No. Your boobs filling with milk to get ready for breast feeding does. But they'll be saggy when they dry up.

Why do girls need bras?

Girls need bras so when we're really old our boobs aren't super saggy.