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Having a period is part of the reproductive cycle. It basically works like this: your ovaries release an egg every month. A hormone called progesterone begins to prepare your uterus for the fertilization and implantation of that egg into the lining of the uterus...aka pregnancy. The levels of another hormone, estrogen, go up too. When a pregnancy doesn't occur, the hormones progesterone and estrogen go back down again. This causes the lining in your uterus to need to regenerate itself in preparation for the next time your ovaries release an egg. This is when you have your period. This entire cycle takes about a month. Your actual period is the last step before the entire process starts all over again.

I know this probably seems confusing so the short and sweet answer to your question is that your uterus needs to get rid of the egg released by your ovaries every month and your period is the way it does that.

Being a woman, I understand that having a period is disgusting, messy, smelly, painful and just plain not fun, but it is a necessary part of the reproductive cycle.

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Q: Why do girls have periods?
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Are periods bad for girls?

No. All girls have their periods, and it just means you can have babies when you grow up. :)

How girls got periods?

Girls have had periods since well, ever! A period is when blood is realised out of a girls vagina. That's it basically

Do lesbian girls get periods?

Periods have nothing to do with sexual orientation. Lesbians are just as capable of menstruating as straight girls.

Do all girls start there periods?

Yes all girls start there periods between the ages of 9-16

Do all girls have their periods?


When will you start your periods?

Girls usually get their periods between the ages of 10 and 14.

Why do girls wear kotex?

Girls use kotex during their periods.

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Do you get a period?

only girls get periods

Can boys change girls periods?


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When do girls usually get their periods?

Most girls will start their periods between the ages of 11 and 14. It can start earlier or later than that though.

How many periods do girls have a year?

Usually a girl has around 13 periods a year.

Do girls get their periods throughout life?

No. Periods start when girls hit puberty, around 12-15, and end during menopause, around 50.

Did colonial girls have periods?

every girl does

Why do girls get horny on their periods?

because of hormones.

Do girls have periods at 11?

yes, some can

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What is it like for girls to have their periods?

Really hurts

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Why do girls get periods for like a month straight?

Most girls will have their periods for 3-7 days approximately once a month. However, girls may experience PMS before they get their periods, and this may confuse some people into thinking they have their periods for several weeks. As well, some girls period's may fluctuate wildly for a variety of reasons. Generally anyone this happens to should talk to their doctor about it.

Do girls poopoo?

no girls do not poo as they have something in their system meaning that they can only have periods and kids

What are the reasons girls have periods?

Girls have periods as part of their menstrual cycle. When an egg is not fertilized, the egg and uterine lining is expelled from the body once a month which is known as a period.

Does everyone girl get peiods?

No, not all girls get periods, also for the record some boys do get periods.There are lots of reasons why some girls don't get periods, some girls don't have the reproductive organs needed to menstruate whereas with others there may be more complex medical reasons.