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Why do headgaskets leak?


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2004-07-12 10:45:55
2004-07-12 10:45:55

Hey Lori==Several things can cause them to leak. The most common one is to overheat the engine. This causes the gaskets to burn between cylinders. Sometimes head bolts break because of a faulty bolt. Sometines the head isn't torqued properly. GoodluckJoe


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timing cover at the top most center point is a coolant port seems to leak more only cold runs down to headgaskets and behind PS pump

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I was not aware that headgaskets were repairable. I have always replaced them with new gaskets. If you mean who replaces headgaskets, then that would be an engine mechanic.

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there several places it can leak hoses,over flow box ,freeze plugs waterpump,headgaskets,weep hole in waterpump,radeator.

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Headgaskets most commonly blow due to the engine becoming too hot, this may mean a blocked radiator or a water leak causing the water level in the engine to drop.

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Cracked head or blown headgaskets

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