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I won't pretend I know what your relationship is like. Hate is a big word. I personally find a lot of problems in relationships is lack of communication and in the busy life we all lead it is so easy to think of yourself and not your partner. Some people who live together or are married pass each other like ships in the night if they are both working. It's worth it to take time out and discuss certain matters with each other even if just saying, "How was your day today?" It's important to keep in touch with each other. It also depends on the mans age. Men from 40 up can get moody, depressed, fly into rages, get hot flashes and yes, they do go through a male menopause! They can have stress from work, or just watching the news on TV is enough to throw people into a depressed state. We have to face reality sometimes, but we also have to learn we can't save the world, and we have to trick our minds by turning it off to the blood, guts, and media hype on TV re the media or we will drive ourselves insane. Help where we can, and survive as we can. Depression can always be a factor with men and women and much of this is due to either pressures from peers, society, the country we live in, fear of losing one's job, or hormonal changes. Depression has risen over 80% since 9/11. Time to sit down and communicate with your mate. Both of you have feelings and neither seem to be respecting the other's feelings in this case. Good luck Marcy

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Q: Why do men love their spouse one day and then hate them the next?
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