Why do people abuse dogs?

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Well, I have a strong opinion for this. Because I am a dog LOVER! Well some people who are abusive well.... sometimes if they were abused by their parents, uncles, anybody they might do this to the animal. Like if your angry you might take it out of your friend or something. That's what it is like for them. Sometimes people do it for the joy or they are on drugs. Its sad but true. You know, back then people could abuse dogs in front of the police and nothing would happen. Now people don't abuse dogs as much or they will pay a fine AND go to jail. The police and the president are working on this Abusing. Which is excellent!

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Q: Why do people abuse dogs?
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How do people abuse their dogs?

People abuse their dogs by hitting them give them rotting food and don't give the dogs love.

Who are the people that abuse animals?

i don't no but it is sad that people get dogs and they don't even like them and then abuse them

Do people do their dogs?

People abuse their dogs by hitting them give them rotting food and don't give the dogs love.

How do people abuse their dogs and why?

some people abuse their dogs by kicking them or by having them for fighting. they use them for fighting to usually make money or just for fun

Why do peoeple kill dogs?

Some people kill dogs for food in places such as China, but some people abuse dogs, don't feed them, or they are in bad medical condition. People do not understand what dogs do for us.

Why do dogs hate people?

Dogs don't have a natural tendency to "hate people." Those that seem to have somehow learned that people can't be trusted, probably due to abuse.

Why do people abuse sled dogs?

Because they see the dog as only a tool that can be replaced.

Does Justin Bieber abuse dogs?

no, he lovess dogs

Is it right or wrong for people to abuse dogs?

Its very wrong to abuse dogs because dogs are mammals like people and they need love and need to be cared for too! It is wrong to hurt or abuse any living thing. If you need to ask that question you may have a problem. If you don't know it is wrong to abuse a dog then you should talk it over with a trusted friend or adult until you do understand why it is wrong.

Why do people beat up on dogs?

Animal abuse is a symptom of mental illness or psychological problems.

What did Michel Vick do to dogs?

abuse them

How do you abuse dogs?

stop abusing it

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