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to burn all the old dead grass clippings, so the lawn can start fresh. There is also the hope that any seeds from weeds and/or stickers might burn along with the dead grass. If the grass is thick and is never raked, a layer of dead grass builds up and air is cut off which may also result in a layer of mold and other diseases damaging the grass.

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What is a sentence using the word grass?

He cuts the grass every week in the spring. They own a business that cuts grass for their customers.

Does burning your grass make it greener?

Burning your grass does not actually make it greener. Burning your grass will kill or torch the blades of grass.

How do you extract silica from cogon grass?

by drying or burning cogon grass

Does grass grow better after burning it?


How do you kill broom grass?

By burning or uprooting it

Why it is difficult to burn green grass than dry grass?

In green grass, water is present, and this prevents it from burning.

Do you like Spring?

I do like Spring! I also like poems about Spring. Here is one: Spring has sprung, the grass has riz, I wonder where the birdies iz? Some people say, the bird is on the wing, but how absurd! Everyone knows that the wing is on the bird!

When does grass cutting season begin?


When should you fertilize your new grass?

In the Spring

Can you be allergic to freshly cut grass?

Yes you can certainly be allergic to grass, especially fresh cut grass. Grass allergies typically come around in the spring and summer when grass is being cut and the pollen is being stirred around in the air. Most people are actually allergic to the pollen but link it to grass.

What is the meaning of Spring has sprung?

It basically means that spring has begun

What grass is best for goats?

every grass

When is the best time to put down grass?


Who was the first person that died in Holocaust?

gunther burning grass

What Breed Of Horse Cant Eat Grass?

Any breed can eat grass, many breeds tho r more suseptable to colic or laminitis from eating too much grass. Especially spring grass that has the most nutrients at the roots and the early spring grass as it grow is easy for a horse to eat too much.

Why does it rain in spring?

So that trees, grass, and flowers can grow

How high does grass spring floor and hard floor make you bounce?

Grass 8 to 11 centimeters, Hard Floor 8 to 12 centimeters, Spring Floor 10 to 15 centimeters

When in spring begin to cut grass?

When it first gets too tall.

What are flowering plants that grow back from the roots each spring?


If someone plants grass right before it starts to snow will the grass still grow?

no the grass will not grow. it needs warm weather. I suggest you plant it in the spring. or autumn

Does Cameroon have grass?

Yes, like almost every country in the world, they have grass.

Does grass stop absorbing water in the winter?

no, the grass doesnt stop it`s just that theres soo much water that the grass get flouded until it can`t take any more ... that's why in spring it`s all squishy~ Blah that`s the part i hate about spring

How do you get yellow grass in Harvest Moon DS?

Yellow Grass can be found randomly growing in the fields outside your farm. But only in Spring.

Are there mosquitoes in Grass Valley CA?

There are Mosquitos is Grass Valley, Ca in the Spring and Summer. Lately they have been found in the Autumn as well.

What season does yellow grass grow in harvest moon ds?

Yellow Grass Only grows in Spring, In Harvest moon Ds