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Why do people get married in a church?

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Because Marriage is a sacrament and you want God's blessing.
It's also very romantic especially for the bride.

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Why do people choose to get married in a church?

People choose to get married in a church because it is traditional. Others choose to get married in a church because it is associated with their faith.

How do Danish people get married?

In a church or at the town hall

Why do people get married in a Catholic church?

Because their faith demands it.

When people get married in a church what usually the pastor say?

i have no clue

Should people that get married in a church be christian?

In my mind, they should be, but they do not have to be.

Can two divorced people previously married to other people in a Catholic church receive a blessing in a Catholic church?

Two divorced people are, in the eyes of the Catholic Church, still married to their first spouses. There is no special blessing for married Catholics who want to pursue an intimate relationship with someone other than than their spouse.

Do you need a blood test to be married in a Catholic Church?

The Catholic Church does not require a blood test. The people that issue marriage licenses may require a blood test, regardless of what church you are getting married in.

If two divorced people want to get married in the church if neither one was ever married in the church?

I think this is allowed in most churches. Check yours, as they all are different.

What church did Tom Welling get married at?

He was married at matha's vineyard. He wasnt married at a church at all.

What church did Muhammad get married?

muhammad (saw) didn't get married in a church he got married in a masjid

Do you have to go to church regulary to get married in a church?

In reality, you do not have to go to church regularly to be married in a church. However, you need to be a follower of that church's religion to be married there, and going to church is a part of being a "good" follower.

Are you married in God's eyes if you dont get married in a church?

There are many religious people who do not get married in a church. Many people are married by an ordained minister, pastor or priest on beaches, at resorts, friends homes etc. Regardless of where you are married, the ceremony usually involves inviting God to your wedding. The other option, and many people do this, is to have two ceremonies. One in the church and then the other at the location of your choice. This dual option will most likely cost more money. There are many people who also believe God is everywhere at all times. I am sure He would be more than happy to attend outside of the church. This is a matter of opinion. Since the institution of marriage predates the institution of the church by thousands of years, it seems obvious that "church weddings" are not necessary in order to be married in God's eyes.

When can you get married in the Catholic Church so that it doesn't conflict with the church?

You can only get married in a Catholic Church when the union is not contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Can you get married in a church at 16?

You can never get married in a church at 16 you have to wait until you are 18.

Should people get married in a church if they don't go to church?

Yes, the could the church isn't just the home of god, its the hove of life and love, let's go with that.

Can a catholic church find out if you were ever married before?

If you are going to get married in a Church and follow the laws of the Church, why would you lie about it?

Can you marry in a church if already married as a moslem?

You cannot get married if you are already married. A church may be willing to bless your marriage.

Should the church know you are a divorcee if you want to get married in church?

AnswerYes. The church is required by law to verify that you are not already married, before performing your marriage. They therefore need to know that you have been married before and that you are now divorced and can be married again. Also, some churches will not perform marriages for divorced people, and are then entitled to know whether you have already been married.If being honest with your church minister results in the church declining to marry you because of your divorce, you may either look for another church or talk to a marriage celebrant, who can perform a civil wedding if you are divorced.

Why do Catholic priests not marry?

Because they are married to the Church. So they can't be married to the Church and a woman.

Why do Muslims get married in a church?

Muslims can't get married in a church. One or both parties have to be Catholic.

What did the gothic in Motueka NZ used to be?

the wonderful gothic used to be a church where people could get married.

What church did Betsy Ross get married in?

Christ church

Why do people not want to get married in a church?

Because - while they may recognise the sanctity of the ceremony, they may not be religious enough to want to conduct the ceremony in a church !

Can a person be a godparent if they were not married in a Catholic church?

Yes, they can. My godmother was not married in a catholic church, and neither was my friend's.

Can you get married in church if married before?

Some religions are happy to remarry divorced people in Church because:If they were not the partner who wanted the divorce, then it is unfair to not allow them to remarry as everyone deserves a chance to be happyA second marriage in Church shows that the couple are taking their vows seriouslyGod wants everyone to be happyThe Church needs to move into modern times, otherwise people will leave.