Why do people judge gays and lesbians and bisexuals?

Low Hanging Fruit TheoryThe Bible is full of laws. So why not take a biblical law that's easy to follow, and condemn other people for breaking it. We don't go around judging people for violating the Sabbath (which the Bible calls an abomination), because, oops, we may have had work on the sabbath that one day a few weeks ago. We definitely don't condemn people for getting tattoos (Leviticus 19:28) because our children or parents might have one. Or maybe we have one.

But homosexuality is safe to make a case out of because we're not even tempted by that one.

There are multiple possible answers:

  • Because they are different and people fear what they don't or can't understand.
  • In my opinion it is because in the Bible it says that man was made for woman and woman for man. In Mark 10 it says, "For this reason a MAN will leave his father and mother and be united with his WIFE." If it didn't matter if you were gay or not then he would say something like "be united with the one that person loves" or something like that or he/she. But in a section in Romans ch.1 it talks about how gross it is for a man to be with another man, or woman with another woman. Therefore we should judge them all we want.
  • In my opinion there are consequences when we disobey what God says. God gave the gift of marriage and love between a man and a woman to us, when he created us. That gift has been perverted by people in general who don't believe and by the court system. No matter what people believe, this topic is a sin in God's eyes. Either God is true or He is not. There are no gray areas with God. Either something is sin or it is not, no gray areas. Our job as Christians is to love people no what they are into, but hate their sins. But this is my opinion.
  • Because humans, as a race, are jealous, small minded and idiot creatures who do not realise the irrelevance of our own existence. Especially those who stick to the bible like glue. They are hypocrites who teach that one should not judge (for example in the case of the good samaritan), yet at the same time believe themselves to be so holy, so pure, that they can separate the 'good' and the 'bad' from society. They are not so much worshipping God, but pretending to be him. But that is my opinion.
  • In my opinion it is because they think that they know the mind of God. Forgetting that we see as though in a glass darkly and it is only after death that we shall see clearly until such time we should not cast stones as we are not without sin.
  • When judging gays people really shouldn't refer to the Bible since homosexuality has been around long before Christianity came about. But it's true that people fear what they do not know. I would also think, they themselves would find it insulting if so many strangers were so judgemental of what people do between the sheets, since that is where the so-called difference is even though straight people have threesomes now and then. So I guess sexually there is no difference. Straight men like anal sex too. The most important thing is the ability to fall in love and how awful life would be if we did not have that. Sometimes people don't agree with it until their own child comes out of the closet. And not even then. Shame on them for being bad parents.
  • People judge gay, lesbian and bisexual people because of negative religious influence. They are taught to condemn people who are different from the pulpits of most churches and religionists are extremely self-righteous people.