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the answer is not to neutralize the odor - fresh fish should not have any fishy odor. The reason should be for flavor!

Decomposing fish is what causes an odor. Muscle in fish contains a chemical substance called trimethylamine oxide (TMAO) that breaks down when fish decomposes creating aromatic amines called trimethylamine and dimethylamine. The amines create a "fishy" smell.

...and by the way Tango loves smelly sardines!

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Q: Why do people marinate fish in lemon juice?
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Is it okay to marinate fish in lemon?


How do you stop foxes from eating koi fish?

maybe put some lemon juice on the fish,the foxes will not like the smell or taste of the lemon juice:)

How does lemon juice remove fish odors?

lemon juice naturally contains citric acid which neutralizes the amines in fish by converting them into non-volatile ammonium salts

Does Lemon juice cook shrimp?

Anything acidic like lemon juice does "cook" any fish or seafood. That's why you shouldn't marinade fish, I've heard.

What takes away the smell of fish?

Lemon or orange juice.

Why does lemon or lemon juice get rid of fishy odor?

Citric acid removes the fish oil.

Why serve lemon with fish?

The custom of serving a slice of lemon with fish dates back to the Middle Ages. It was believed that if a person accidentally swallowed a fish bone, the lemon juice would dissolve it

Is it possible to cook fish in lemon?

Acids such as lemon juice, lime juice and vinegar can certainly be used to 'cook' or more accurately pickle the fish. Seviche is a very popular dish that is prepared in this way.

Why does a squirt of lemon juice make a fishy odor disappear from cooked fish?

The lemon's smell is heavier than fish so that's why. UNDERSTAND YOU *****

What is the term used for meats cooked in lemon juice?

cevicheThere is also a term, Kelaguen, which is based on the "cooking" property of lemon juice, whereby raw fish or shrimp is "cooked" by the acidity of the lemon.

What is meuniere cut of fish?

pan-frying of fish, finished with butter noisette,chopped parsley and lemon juice .

What is Lemon juice used in?

Lemon juice is usually used for making mocktails n juices of course and also for mariating meat and fish for the flavours of the masalas to soak in entirely.

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