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Televison is not bad it is the programming that is terrible. The broadcasters send us what we demand. We have not demanded good programs so we don't get them.


Television is bad for these reasons:

- The methods of determining who is watching what are flawed. Too often they record what the children want to watch.

- The shows also have to please sponsors, network executives, budget Accountants, and critics to get on.

- Mindless sitcoms cost a lot less to produce. Science Fiction costs more than any other kind of show,. So guess what we are inundated with.

- Network execs and critics are elitists, who don't like shows that are fun. They want sophistication that nobody enjoys. But nobody is going to watch "War and Peace."

- Too many TV "artists" want to do what they want to do, rather than what we want to watch. They think we should value their artistic skills, not the entertainment value.

- Many people will not watch shows with sexual innuendo or immorality, or shows that push liberal politics.

An example of network executive bias: A network executive was on vacation in Europe. A new show came on while he was gone. He saw it when he came back and told the vice president to cancel it. The VP said "You don't want to do that." He demanded to know why not. "It's number 1." It was The Dukes of Hazzard.

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Q: Why do people say television is so bad?
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