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Realiable and stable. Easy to manipulate with and very benefitial for future years. Pine wood does not get affected easily.

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What is the most common used wood for tall chest of drawers?

The most common wood for everyday carpentry and furniture is Pine wood, given its abundance, cheapness, and ease of transport. For a more durable and elegant piece of furniture, people use Oak or Mahogany.

What can pine trees be used to make?

Pine trees can be used for a variety of purposes. Their main use is using the wood for furniture. Items such as tables, chairs, bed frames and kitchen cabinets.

How would you use the word pine in sentence?

All my bedroom furniture is made from pine.

What kind of furniture did people have during the depression?

People often had wood furniture that was hand made. However, many people had no furniture at all because they had to sell everything or use it for fuel.

Is it safe to use carpet steam cleaning equipment on my wood furniture?

It is not safe to use steam on wood furniture. The steam could stain the wood.

Why should you use pine wood in technology?

The reason that a person should always use pine wood in technology is because pine wood is very strong and lasts a long time before it starts rotting.

Unfinished Wood Furniture ?

form_title= Unfinished Wood Furniture form_header= Finish your furniture yourself and save. What unfinished furniture do you need?*= _ [50] What wood would you like to use?*= _ [50] Do you want the furniture delivered?*= () Yes () No

What is the best wood to use for American girl doll furniture?

I guess any wood furniture would do the trick.

Is it advisable to use wax on wood furniture?

It is ok to use wax on some wood furniture. A better idea is to follow the instructions that came with the furniture as to it's care. Most of the time wood furniture responds nicely to a store bought polish or oil.

What did the pilgrims use for furniture?

Probably wood.

Can you use Windex to clean wood furniture?


What are the use of ebony?

by furniture and fire wood

Can you use plain pine wood shavings as hamster bedding?

NO! Pine wood shavings cause respitory infections. Carefresh is the healthiest

Selecting Patio Wood Furniture?

The type of wood used in the construction of patio wood furniture has a profound effect on the longevity and durability of the furniture. High quality patio furniture is typically made from hard, resistant woods such as cedar, bald cypress, cherry, oak, or walnut. Furniture made from these woods typically requires very little care. Some manufacturers use a less expensive, less resistant wood such as pine, larch, or douglas-fir. While these softer woods can still produce furniture of reasonable quality, they need to be sealed on occasion to protect the wood from moisture damage and warping.

What type of wood should you use for your RM Final Project?

cherey or pine wood

What type of paint should you use on unfinished pine furniture?

Oil Based

What is the best wood to use when making wood furniture?

The best wood to use when making wood furniture is totally up to you. Depending on the price you are willing to spend, hardness of the wood, and amount of wear it is going to get over a period of time will determine the type you get.

What kind of wood is best to use to make wooden outdoor furniture?

Wooden outdoor furniture must be durable. It should not be a soft wood like pine, rather hard ones like maple or oak. It must be salt treated to withstand the elements, and it doesn't hurt to seal it every year.

How is the rainforest being cut down?

the people are being cut down because people want to use the wood to make furniture.

How often does a person use teak furniture?

Teak furniture is a high quality wood furniture. It is made from a tropical wood, teak, that is extremely durable, dense and weather resistant. Teak furniture is often used as outdoor furniture.

What are the steps needed to refinish wood furniture?

first remove the od finish. or you can use with chemical liquid to remove it. remove the physical surface of furniture, and than you can use wood putty to make that surface and than refinish the furniture

What kind of furniture is not made out of wood?

Typically, you will find the type of furniture made out of materials other than wood to be furniture intended for outdoor use. These items are intended to stand up to the abuses of wind, rain, sun, and snow, where wood furniture would not fare well.

What type of wood should I use for outdoor furniture?

Making furniture yourself is going to be harder than just going to the store and picking out furniture, you have to make sure you have durable wood. Teak wood last the longest and is probably the most durable out of all the wood types.

What type of wood did Thomas Chippendale use?

Thomas Chippendale was a furniture designer from the United Kingdom. He always used solid wood in his furniture as opposed to veneers.

Is it better to use metal or wood furniture outside if I want it to last for years and years?

Both metal and wood furniture can last a lifetime with proper care.