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Planes must move quickly in air or else they fall out of the sky,

trains can travel at any speed.

It is possible to design trains to travel at aircraft speeds (sub-sonic only) but it is prohibitively expensive.

If a train were to travel through a tunnel in a vacuum, it could travel at any speed short of the speed of light, in theory.

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Q: Why do planes go faster than trains?
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How are planes faster than trains or cars?

i agree, but there is more. One is that planes don't have to go around buildings, mountains, etc.

Why did people stop using horses as transportation?

cars, buses, bikes, trains etc. are faster and boats, trains and planes can go across sea's whereas horses are stuck to one country

How fast can a unloaded coal train go?

The speed is limited by the rail authority. Turns out that empty trains can't go any faster than full trains - but, empty trains can accelerate faster. A loaded coal train can go as fast as 55 miles per hour.

How did steam trains increase spare time?

its allowed cargo or even soldiers to go on it. which was faster than a carriage at that time

How do Greeks get around?

walk or go on boats Cars, buses, trains, 'planes. Much the same as you

How fast does amtrack trains go?

Some go faster than others but still they mostly all go around 50-60 miles per hour

What is the reason of the change of speed of planes?

So they go faster or slower.

How much faster are the trains from today than 1870?

Almost twice as fast. Trains in 1870s would have gon 20-30 miles per hour. Today they go about 55- 65 mph

How fast can airpanes go?

Some rocket planes can go as fast as six times the speed of sound. Most military fighter planes do not go faster than twice the speed of sound, and the typical civilian passenger/transport plane goes slower than the sound barrier.

How are trains better than cars?

Cars are better then trains because they can travel faster, and are more comfortable to travel in. NO trains are better they can go twice as fast as cars. first class or any class is better than car seating this is why: meals on board.toilets.meals.internet wifis.plugs for phones and laptop. can u get that in a car?

How does cars trains and planes change the way people live today?

It helps us in many ways like, faster, safer transportation and lets people go farther for less money but, it makes pollution and that doesn't help the environment.

What would be the rate if you travel by train?

Trains in some countries go fast, some go at over 200mph. In other countries you would be lucky to get a train travelling faster than 30mph.

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