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A lot of Irish and Swedish people have blond hair too.

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Q: Why do so many English people have blond hair if they are not Germanic?
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What is 'blond hair' when translated from English to Italian?

"Blond hair" in English means capelli biondi in Italian.

Did all there vikings have there hair blond?

No. There was variation in hair color among the Vikings but many people believe that blonde hair originated among the Germanic people so it is likely that many Vikings were blonde.

Why does Hitler hate blond hair blue eye people?

he didnt...Hitler didnt care about hair or eye color. He cared about health, hygene and Germanic people having pure blood.

What is the likelihood of having a blue-eyed baby with blond hair if the mother and father both have blue eyes with brown hair that was blond from birth-6 years old?

blue eyes very likely, blond hair, not lucky- will turn out brown as brown hair is the dominant allele in a brown-blond pair of alleles (see genetics, hair color, wikipedia). Hi, no I don't agree because I have brown hair now but I was properly blond til I was 6 years old. Both my parents had brown hair. I am English (and by that I mean properly English - not muslim) and like 90% of ethnically English people, have blond hair when young that darkens with age. This is due to the English race being Germanic and related to the Germans, Danes, Norwegians etc. In the US, there are lots of people with either English or German ancestry - so much the same story there too. I do not know about English race, ancestors and genetic traits, nor the genetic background of the darkening blond hair, however if both parents have brown hair, it means that they carry at least one dominant gene that expresses brown hair. Still, if both parent have also one recessive allele for blond hair, theoretically there is a 25% chance that their children could be blond haired, and of course with blue eyes.

Why do most dutch people have blond hair?

Native Dutch have blond hair because they have genes responsible for blond hair. Two blonds have a high change making blond haired kids. A blond an a dark haired person usually make non-blond childeren. Genes responsible for blond hair are also found in other west and nordic civilizations (Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Scotland, Ireland, England). You might say most germanic speaking countries tend to have most blonds and light eyes.

How many people in the world have blond hair?

blond hair is quite rare, about one in a thousand. My sister and i are blond, so that's 2 there.

How do you spell blond hair?

Blond hair.

Are people with blond hair and blue eyes related to Saxons?

People with blond hair and blue eyes could be descendants of Saxons, but not necessarily. There were many tribes in Europe that had these traits; for example, probably every Germanic tribe had these features, so we could mention the Goths, the Angles, the Saxons, the Jutes, the Vandals, the Vikings, among others. Additionally, it is very likely that some Slavic tribes and Celtic tribes had blond hair and blue eyes.

Can Chinese people have blond hair?

yes, if they dye it.

Are there scholarships for people with green eyes and blond hair?

Hair and eye color have nothing to do with getting scholarships, so to answer your question yes but they are not out there for people with just blond hair and green eyes

What do you call someone with blond hair?

a blonde (for females) or blond (males). For people of colour who have natural blonde hair it is exactly the same.

What colour hair do most Scottish people have?

Stereotype is blond/red hair.

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