Why do so many Internet users believe that intellectual property has no value?


Ignorance of copyright law?

I think this information page at CafePress.com regarding what people can and can't use in their online designs is not only clear, but it gives some good examples.


I know how agitated you are.But how can you justify giving $29.99 for a software that gets outdated within a month? Net runs a parrelel community that in a way contributes to the democracy of the Net.Surely in that sense we can say net isn't run by some software giant.


I take your question to be "why do so many internet users ignore copyright laws"?. In that case the short answer is: because they can (so far). The longer answer is that morality and law have evolved out of personal needs for protection/predictability of environment shared by many people.

In the case of copyright on the Internet, these needs aren't really shared by so many people. There are very few of those who would like copyright enforced on the internet, compare to those who, irresponsibly or not, would like to just ignore it because they are better off without it.

In other words, this is the same as asking why do so many people consider it ok to break into an unlocked home on a deserted island? Because they're better off doing it and the consequences are statistically minimal.