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Q: Why do some people loved Ned Kelly?
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What were some of Ned Kelly's achievements?

What were some of Ned Kelly's Achievements

What are some famous quotes by ned kelly?

quotes about ned kelly

What are some of ned kelly's achievements?

Feeding poor Irish people

Why did people kill ned kelly?

people killed ned kelly because he did bad things and he got hung for it.

What did Ned Kelly do to harm people?


Was Ned Kelly Honest?

No. Ned Kelly was a bushranger. He thought nothing of ambushing and stealing from innocent people.

Who are some old famous people from Australia?

Ned Kelly Ned Kelly Nick Kelly Nick KellyM most famous Australian ever my neighbour has a mess his mailbox

What did Ned Kelly do to be an outlaw?

Firstly Ned Kelly was a bush ranger he stole some farm animals, committed highway robbery and also killed 3 people.

Is Ned Kelly's real name Edward Ned Kelly?

Ned Kelly's proper name was "Edward Kelly".

Who are some of the people who influenced Australia?

James cook victor chang ned kelly

What is Ned Kelly's characteristics?

NED KELLY WAS A bushranger

Did Ned Kelly give his stolen money to poor people?

No. It is a complete myth that Ned Kelly gave his plunder to the poor.

What was Ned Kelly's full name?

Edward Ned Kelly

How many children did ned kelly have?

Ned Kelly had no children.

What was Ned Kelly's real name?

Ned [Edward] Kelly.

What is the full name of ned kelly?

Edward "Ned" Kelly

Why would people call Ned Kelly courageous?

ned kelly was couragous because he saved a seven year old boy

Who were some famous Australians in the outback?

Ned Kelly

Was Ned Kelly liked by the police?

As he murdered some of them, no.

What was ned KELLY mothers name?

Ned Kelly's mother's name was Ellen Kelly

Who was Ned Kelly's bushranger brother?

Ned Kelly's brother Dan was in the Kelly gang.

How did Dan Kelly help Ned Kelly?

Dan Kelly was the third member of the gang. Many people considered Dan Kelly as the "thinker" of the family and reguardless of the many times Dan Kelly offered his advice (which would have saved the gang and Ned Kelly many times), Ned Kelly did not take it.

How did Ned Kelly get his name?

His name was Edward Kelly, his nickname was Ned.

What were Ned Kelly's nicknames?

There are no records of any nicknames of Ned Kelly.

Why was Ned Kelly a hero?

Ned Kelly was not a hero. He was a bushranger and a murderer.